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VIDEO: Analyzing the Avengers: Here Come the Girls

For the final installment of Analyzing the Avengers, Ursa takes a look at all the secondary and tertiary female characters that populate the Marvel Movie-verse. Why does Pepper wear those shoes? Who is Darcy written for? How does the narrative reward Dr. Foster for her career? And is Thor's wardrobe department awesome, or what?

VIDEO: Gotye

Phil once again turns his show over to sound engineer Rex Rabitt for another installment of The Bunny Perspective: Music! On this episode, Rex talks about the music videos of Gotye, but not the video for "Somebody That I Used to Know", because that's already been discussed to death.

VIDEO: LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem”

Phil turns the show over to his sound guy (and pop culture junkie puppet) Rex Rabitt! Is he merely an opinionated sound guy, or is there more to this red rabbit? Well, you won't find out here, but you will hear his thoughts on the group LMFAO and their one great contribution to party history, "Party Rock Anthem".

VIDEO: 2012: The Gaming Year in Review

UPDATED with Part 2: Codeknight's Corner! 2012 was... a year in gaming. Just another year. But there was some cool stuff that happened, and this video is about all the games Roland played this year that he didn't already get a chance to talk about, including Spec Ops: The Line, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Tribes: Ascend, MechWarrior Online, and more!

VIDEO: Analyzing the Avengers: Hawkeye

Oh, Clint, you so sassy. In this episode, Ursa chats about some aspects of Hawkeye's character in The Avengers, and then gets overexcited by the Hawkeye Initiative, and its sterling efforts in highlighting the ridiculousness of female poses in comics. Good job there, Agent Barton!

VIDEO: The greatest movie of all time?

Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo is now apparently the greatest movie of all time, but does it deserve that honor? And while we're at it, did Citizen Kane deserve that honor in the first place? And is it really possible to call any movie the greatest movie of all time?

VIDEO: Les Misérables: A Musical Review

It's a special all-singing, all-dancing (except for the dancing) episode of Stuff You Like! In honor of the Les Misérables movie adaptation coming out today, Ursa musically summarizes the entire three-hour stage musical in four minutes. You're welcome.