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DC Comics’ Legends #3

When we last left the DC Universe, Billy Batson was traumatized, Robin was brutalized, Cosmic Boy was cast aside, and Blue Beetle almost died. Oh, and President Ronald Reagan told Superman he was suspending all super heroic activity in the…

DC Comics’ Legends #2

Last time on DC’s Legends: Darkseid decided to destroy not only the world’s heroes but the very concept of heroism itself, depriving Earth of its legends. To this end Desaad, set into motion a master plan involving minions Bedlam…

Comparing the sci-fi bars

A bar or tavern in a sci-fi space opera setting can be a lot of things. It can be a place of potential danger, as in the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars. It can be a place of opportunity…

Superheroes, ranked (by singing ability)

Superheroes: they’re great. But which one is the best? Is it Captain Marvel, the mightiest Avenger? Or maybe Lady Sif, the character that they took a great deal of time to establish and then just abandoned completely in favor of…

The 30 most popular posts of 2017

It’s 2018, and somehow, we’re all still alive. But as you prepare for another year of sheer existential terror, spend some time revisiting this website’s most popular posts of 2017, some of which aren’t even about superheroes, Star Trek, or