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It’s the premiere of a brand new show! The Unusual Suspect reviews popular movies, ridiculing the films you know and love. First up, it’s Casino Royale, the film that breathed new life into the James Bond franchise. Daniel Craig is 007, and with the help of Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) and CIA agent Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), Bond must face off against Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), banker to the world’s terrorist organizations. In the novel, they played baccarat, but nobody knows what the hell that is anymore, so here they play Texas hold ’em poker. Well, in between the ads for Sony products, anyway.

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  • wow! I was just watching this review on you tube, and now hes part of the agony booth, awesome!:D

  • edharris1178

    Fantastic debut, welcome to the site.

    • The_Unusual_Suspect

       Thanks! Great to be here :)

  • Iffysarah

    Really nice episode, the first of yours I’ve seen.  The pacing/editing was fantastic, so the review flew by with the kind of energy I usually see only from the best online reviewers.

    And good Lord, how can you start RE-viewing Bond movies without seeing any of the first three (they were mainstream once upon a time)?  That’s like starting Harry Potter with HBP.  Speaking of, I’ve already taken a look at your backlog, and I’m happy to have my next week’s worth of vids already queued up.  I hope I can get a little better at deciphering the accent, though; I think I was missing every fifth reference, but that’s on me.

    • Twarnercool2

      Well. The James bond series are more stand alone than Harry Potter.

  • MichaelANovelli

    About time you showed up, Suspect!  We picked you up during the LAST recruitment drive!  (I kid because I love!)

  • The_Stig

    Dammit, the Kool-Aid man gag never gets old, I don’t care who you are. 

    As for Bonds? For me there’s Connery, then everyone else. I always felt that while Goldeneye IS one of my favorites in the entire Bond franchise, Brosnan’s Bond became more and more annoyingly cartoony in subsequent films, as if he knew he was in a movie. But, you know. Different strokes. Some people actually prefer Roger Moore’s campy man-slut version….and don’t even get me started on how underrated I think Lazenby was. As for the themes? You Know My Name is right up there with Live and Let Die, Goldeneye and the Shirley Bassey themes. 

    Cannot wait for Skyfall. Both the movie, AND your review.

    Well done!

    • JD

      What I never understood about You Know My Name was how flat and uninteresting the recording used in the movie was. The recording released as a single was much, much  better, more dynamic, more powerful and more satisfying.

      Definitely one of my favourite Bond themes.

      • The_Stig

        I also really love Another Way to Die as well. 

      • The_Unusual_Suspect

        I freakin’ love the Goldeneye theme myself, but Chris Cornell’s You Know My Name is fantastic too. I may do a top 10 list about the best Bond themes; might be fun. As for Skyfall and any other future Bond movies, I really hope they get a band like Muse to do the theme.

  • Sofie Liv

    Woho, the invasion of the Brits continues. Welcome to the site, glad to have you here. Really enjoyed the video, our new talent sure is rising.

    Only thing is that I am slightly annoyed that you got to review the Potter movies before I got around to do it! and now is going to post them on the site before I got to do it… grrrr.

    • FullofQuestions1

      We’ll have to set Professor Umbridge on him, Sofie.

      By the way, I love your videos, Unusual Suspect. I’d seen them in the TGWTG forums for a while.

      • I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Not wish Umbridge on them, I mean getting sliced, diced and mangled into a million pieces because that’s what most Harry Potter fans wanna do to that bitch of a character!

        Indeed it was a good start for the UK’s US. Looking forward to more.

        And Sofie, didn’t you already go through all the HP films in your blog? I know that was written rather than in videos but at least you’ve reviewed them in some way shape or form and they were great recaps too. :)

        • FullofQuestions1

          You’re right. And I certainly would wish that she’d get sliced up.The imprisonment she got after Voldemort’s death was good enough though. I was nine when OOTP was released and stopped reading it for a bit because the blood quill freaked me out so much. 

          But seriously, I really enjoyed The US’s Harry Potter reviews.

          • Sofie liv

            This is sofie speaking. I can comment from my smart-phone but not log in.

            In my fanfic i had her go after werewolves trying to exsterminate them all.. Only for grayback to bite her but not killing herher. I how-ever just left her after that… I sort of assume she comitted suicide after her first full-moon…. What? No i am not obsessed with harry potter (holds my replica of snapes wand in defence)

            Seriuosly. Glad to have you here :-)

          • Twarnercool2

            Speak of fan fiction. I wrote one about you.

          • Sofie Liv

            aww, that is very sweet. I like that :)

          • The_Stig

            If you really pay attention and think about it, you have to appreciate just how f’ed up the Harry Potter universe is.

          • The_Stig

            Getting sliced up was getting off easy compared to her actual fate. Wasn’t it implied that the centaurs gang raped her?

  • Liam Barrett

    Good show.

  • ALumen

    I can’t get used to a James Bond who looks like Vladimir Putin, and travels to exciting sexy locals like Port Au Prince, Haiti.

  • Arcadiassx999

    Hey U.S.  nice review you put a lot into it and it very entertaining. As for Craig he looks more like a psychopath then a sophisticated British spy and this “new attempt” at Bond is far from gritty or realistic, getting yer gonads slapped around by someone is bound to put any man out of action for about a month, 4 weeks, 2 days, 8 hours, 23 minutes and roughly 61 seconds.
    Maybe this Bond just didn’t have any! Dun DUUn DUUUUUUUN! 
    Fun Review!

    • CDiehl

      I actually like Daniel Craig’s version of James Bond. I like that he’s just a blunt instrument who’s smarter than he seems. I especially love when he broke into M’s house, and she had the nerve to be shocked he’d done it (they did train him as a spy, didn’t they?). I look at it like Star Trek; 40 years of the same boring stuff is long enough. As for this Bond being a psychopath, well, they sure don’t give licenses to kill to Boy Scouts. Also, to paraphrase an old saying, it takes a murderous loon to stop a murderous loon.

      • edharris1178

         I like Craig’s version as well (in fact, I like all the guys who’ve played the role).  He’s essentially what Timothy Dalton could have been if he had the chance to do more films.

        • The_Stig

          Seriously, until Craig came along, Dalton was closest to the Fleming original. Bond is paid to kick ass for queen and country, not be a smarmy pretty boy who spreads his DNA and all the STDs all over the globe.

          • The_Unusual_Suspect

            I think Dalton was underrated, I would have loved to have seen more Bond films from him. Bascially he was what Daniel Craig brought to the character, he just did it a couple of decades earlier. You could say Dalton was too ahead of his time, people weren’t ready for a more serious Bond yet.

          • The_Stig

            Exactly. Dalton was totally underrated (not to mention badass) but the most underrated Bond is Lazenby, by far. He gets a lot of crap for no real reason. Ironic, since On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is arguably the best film of the entire damn franchise. Lazzy’s only crime was being the guy who came after Connery. That’s like playing Glastonbury and your garage band being scheduled to follow Muse.

            BTW, Ian Fleming’s real life was more badass than his fiction.

      • Arcadiassx999

         Well any Star Trek from TNG to Jar Jar Abrams garbage is awfully bad trek. I’d rather watch “Spock’s Brain” a bazillion times then anything by Jar Jar!  “Plot and PLOT, what is plot!”

  • MichaelANovelli

    Barring people who’ve joined the site but haven’t started posting yet, the staff is now 1/3 from the UK…

    • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

      Those evil bastards want to do away with sacred institutions like hot dogs, reality TV shows, and Wal-Mart, and replace them with liver and onions, game shows and Ikea!  They must be stopped!

      • Oh and the United States of America too. We invented that too. Sure we raped and killed the natives and it has gotten a little bit out of hand with Jersey Shore and the like but it’s still British puritanical craft. What have we done?! Oh and IKEA is a great British institution. Founded by a Swede, in Sweden, with a Swedish name, currently owned by a Dutch corporation. Rule Britannia!

        • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

          I guess my sarcasm didn’t convey appropriately…I know Ikea and their untranslatable assembly instructions in any language is of Swedish origin (and the wonky arrows on the floor creating a nightmare labyrinth that makes the movie Labyrinth seem tame).  I also conveniently ignore colonialism jokes and references, because it’s not relevant or funny (over 100 years get over it already; I’m Canadian I’m from the least prosperous colony of all), same with WW2.  Jersey Shore and Big Brother UK…I’m not sure which to shake my head at more.  Batman vs Sherlock Holmes, Punisher vs Judge Dredd, Nick Fury vs James Bond, Hawkeye vs Robin Hood, and Captain America vs Captain Britain, those are the fights that fans want to see!

          • I agree. There’s very little way to convery sarcasm or any other emotion (APART FROM ANGRY CAPITAL LETTERS!) and of course colonialism shouldn’t be relevant in this day and age. It’d be like me going up to a German and doing the “Two World Wars and one World Cup, doo-dah doo-dah!” thing. I was just going in the same sarcastically immature vain that you were Russ.
            Actually, we have our equivalent of the Jersey Shore called Geordie Shore which is based in Newcastle. Yeah, because if there was a show concept that needed to be imported, it was that obnoxious, showboating travesty of a show. Where are our priorities?

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            Who thought that recreating Jersey Shore was a good idea?  Wow, just wow…I guess the Euro Zone debt crisis (which is serious I am not making a joke about the amount of lives that will be affected by that) still doesn’t entitle anyone to make a mockery of a show that disavows itself of the American debt crisis (Jersey Shore)…I understand people need diversions from their national governments mismanagement (and this will be my last political-related comment because this is not a political site but a movie one, so please give me some latitude) but to think people can’t follow both movies, games, politics and economic reality really is pretty sad…

        • Keir Heath

          Um… the colonials rebelled against the British because the latter wouldn’t allow THEM to “rape and kill the natives” as far west as they wanted…

  • Jm_james

    You say that parts of this movie will go over viewer heads if they don’t know the rules of Texas hold em poker, but a lot of the early Bond films featured baccarat. Who the heck knows the rules to that? They are still great movies.

  • Keir Heath

    After watching on youtube “Top 10 Things Star Wars Ep. 4-6 Did Wrong” I had to find this reviewer’s oeuvre; would have helped if his video didn’t misspell his name!
    After the last Bond film though, don’t intend to watch anymore.