Climax! Mystery Theater “Casino Royale” (part 2 of 2)

Bond also learns that Le Chiffre always carries three razor blades with him: one in his hat band, one in his shoe heel, and one in his cigarette case. He also finds out that Le Chiffre’s Grandpa Gangsters are very dangerous, which I find hard to believe. Plus, they’re all staying in the suite just above Bond’s suite at the hotel. Bond figures out that’s why his room was bugged.

Climax! Mystery Theater "Casino Royale" (part 2 of 2)

Pat and Vanna say goodbye just before he leaves for his talk show gig.

Before Leiter can say more, PETA target Valerie Mathis interrupts. She approaches Bond and refreshes his memory of her. After a lot of pointless dialogue, they’re back in his hotel room. He cranks up the old turntable really loud with some Chopin, and they kiss passionately. She breathlessly says, “Oh, Jimmy!” Definitely does not have the same ring to it.

Climax! Mystery Theater "Casino Royale" (part 2 of 2)

“Quiet! I’m trying to tune into The Shadow!”

He says he knows she’s working for Le Chiffre, and that the room is bugged. Le Chiffre, listening in upstairs, can’t hear anything over the blaring Chopin. Valerie denies knowing about the listening devices, so Bond figures it out: Le Chiffre is eavesdropping on her, not him, to find out if she’s loyal to Le Chiffre and not Bond.

Climax! Mystery Theater "Casino Royale" (part 2 of 2)

“Oh, come on! What makes you think someone’s listening in on us?”

Bond turns the music down and forces her to say what she’s come to say. She begs him not to play baccarat with Le Chiffre. That’s all. He walks her back to the elevator (while we get a really obvious boom mike shadow following along) and says she played her part well. For some reason, he’s really ticked off here, and I have no idea why. Nothing she said was really that earth-shattering.

Valerie heads upstairs to Le Chiffre’s suite. Then comes another unfortunate moment in live broadcasting, because one of Le Chiffre’s men starts talking, but either they’ve forgotten to turn his mic on, or the volume is turned way down. So whatever he said is completely missed. It’s only halfway through Lorre’s next speech that the sound returns. He asks Valerie if she still loves Bond, and she tries to assure him it’s over. He says he has to win his 80 million back, and no one will stand in his way. Which is really just a thinly veiled way of saying, watch it, sister.

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Multi-Part Article: Climax! Mystery Theater "Casino Royale"

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