VIDEO: Filmation’s Ghostbusters: Prime Evil

Joey talks about deception, fanboy rage, and controversy… as well as the Ghostbusters reboot.

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  • maarvarq

    I’m going to see the new one tomorrow, and am expecting it to be … OK. I enjoyed the original but was too old on first viewing to be fanatical about it.

  • danbreunig

    Now picture history repeating itself–the current biggest TV animation studio will make their own cartoon series based on Ghostbusters 2016. And three decades later some mislabeled packaging will tell you that the Extreme Ghostbusters or The Real Ghostbusters will be that Ghostbusters 2016: The Animated Series you expected to get.

    For all their well-known shortcomings, I still have quite an appreciation for Filmation and their output as well as their work ethic. They have a hit and miss history–and I still have all-time favorites like Fat Albert, HeMan/SheRa, and Bravestarr, and some I’m partially invested in like Star Trek: TAS, Ark II, Blackstar…and some I saw as a kid and never want to see again like Gilligan’s Planet or Hero High.

    Good movie, bad movie, deserving of mass praise or poison–GB 2016 always felt to me like nothing greater than rental quality at most.