VIDEO: Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue (1990)

It’s a mega Saturday morning crossover as Bugs Bunny, the Smurfs, Baby Kermit, Slimer, Winnie the Pooh, Garfield, ALF, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (singular) team up to tell you that drugs are bad. This is your brain after watching your favorite cartoon characters turn into major narcs!

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  • Randolph Quazalpene

    OH GOD I remember this, that song, that song just drives me to to drink….wait.

  • Guest

    hahahahahaha hey joey you see the nostalgia critic review cartoon hero

  • robert roy

    hey joey you see the nostalgia critic review cartoon all stars to the rescue

  • MichaelANovelli

    Ah, I remember when that guy gave you that VHS at MAGFest when we were at that hot dog restaurant. Good times…

  • The biggest mistake that Anti-Drug campaigns made back then was the unintentional subtext that everyone else was doing drugs, therefore if you want to belong, you need to do drugs too… no wonder it failed.

  • When I think about cartoons, especially in the context of their original presentation, I really don’t think about excessive gore. I kind of wish you would have warned me about that Garfield Clip. Sorry, but I have a very weak constitution, and my tolerance for that level of gore is minimal.

    • It was a scene from one of my favorite youtube videos called “Glarfieldiator.” I honestly thought it was appropriate to use!

      • Thomas Stockel

        Personally I thought it was pretty damn funny, Joey.

        I don’t know how to think about this video. On the one hand I think PSAs are important, but on the other it just feels like this entire thing was just a shameless plug for the various cartoons.

  • The_Stig

    Oh my god, so according to Daffy Duck if Michael doesn’t stop doing drugs he becomes a Walker?

  • Muthsarah

    I’m so happy I missed the bulk of the Reagan era. I can’t help but agree that this kind of moralizing at best missed the point and at worst encouraged the very activities they were preaching against by missing what’s so attractive about drugs so completely. The way Mikey or the Chipmunks or Bugs or anyone acts in this one (given that all of them were, to some extent, rebels), it really defeats the purpose to have them preaching the same kind of message your parents or teachers would. None of this rings true to their characters. If drugs are supposed to be seductive and fun, then it doesn’t work to have otherwise fun and rebellious characters telling you it isn’t cool without showing you explicity why. It just feels like they’re selling out and breaking character.

    Really, if you wanted to put kids off of drugs, you should take a page off of Pinocchio: Show the kids freely indulging in the druggie life (like the kids indulging in Pleasure Island), and then have it twisted later so that it becomes scary, and you SEE how their lives become ruined by it. Drug use can really ruin someone’s life, so EFFING SHOW IT! Show what drugs literally do to someone. Show how it destroys their bodies, destroys their happiness, what kind of a life it forces them into…something that isn’t maybe easily fit for an after-school special. But show it all the same, if you really wanna drill the message in. Be brutally honest, but be honest. It just doesn’t work to have layabouts, wise-crackers, and goofballs telling you the same thing you’d hear from your local authority figures, that it’s best to live the clean and narrow, and to do what your parents say you should do. It isn’t genuine, and it doesn’t register and/or sink in to the child brain. If anything, it just ruins whatever appeal these characters would have had for you. Kids can detect fakeness better than adults would want to admit, and if you try to use fakeness to sell them on a message, they’re gonna tune it out and, perhaps, be more susceptible to these kinds of temptation when it shows up, given how inauthentically you’ve argued against it.

  • Bouncy X

    i remember watching this on tv, this was during my “NINJA TURTLES ARE AWESOME” phase so i was lookin forward to their appearance and i still remember being disappointed at the shitty animation for Mikey. lol oh and shortly after they actually showed this at my school…but being a french school, it was a french dub. seriously….who the hell watches dubs of cartoons like these? that takes away half their personality since its not the real voice.