VIDEO: Captain America (1990)

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Cecil takes a look back at the 1990 Captain America.

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  • Animikean

    People who hate on this should see the two made in ’79, perspective people!

    (and the president is a great character)

    • conservative man

      I saw both the 70’s version and the 90’s version when I was kid…over and over on tape. It was all we had back then. :(

    • Thomas Stockel

      I dunno. The seventies movies and this one suck equally, only in different ways.

      • Wizkamridr

        I feel the same way about the 2011 film. Nothing against CPT Merica fans. I just don’t care about him. I only like Spidey and Hulk from the Marvel universe.

    • spiff2268

      The 70s movies had Reb Brown. ‘Nuff said.

      • AgentLobos

        Slab BulkHead, Beef FistCrunch, Punch RockGroin!

        • JD

          ha why do those name’s remind me of Monday Night Rehabilitation ?

  • Gallen_Dugall

    This movie wasn’t bad so much as boring, threats are resolved almost immediately after being revealed. Given the funding issues it’s amazing it’s not worse. As for the costume it’s not much worse than the terrible one from the Avengers made out of scrap after they discovered that the one from the 2011 Captain America movie was gone and they’d blown their budget on Nick Fury’s new trench – that thing was f*ugly. Translating comic costumes to the big screen has been an interesting trip, from Superman’s super stain spandex, Batman’s neoprene coffin, to the latex thing here, X-Men leathers, the Spiderman Superman basketball material, the 2011 Captain American cloth, all the way to the very complicated looking low-vis version he wears in Winter Soldier.
    Speaking of bad Marvel films wasn’t there an equally boring/botched ’70s Doctor Strange movie that they also disavowed back before direct to video was a thing? I remember watching it on afternoon TV on two separate occasions separated by about a decade. I remember it opened in Greenwich Village and the title saying this stays up for a solid minute as it follows him into his office and the opening credits roll – we joked that it was really saying where those people in the credits lived. The magic part only shows up in the second half of the film as it spends a lot of time with his “condition” and a revolving door of people he alienates. It doesn’t appear on IMDb so I may have seen it in a parallel universe.

    • Mike

      Yes in fact a review was recently point up on that mess: Be forward: a disclaimer at the beginning rivals a sad back story to the videos making that leaves some of it’s content feeling a bit awkward.
      I was already familiar with Doctor Strange the Sorcerer Supreme when are first started obsessing over comic books as a kid. While this movie makes a ton of unnecessary changes, it did get one thing right. Doctor Strange DOES live in Greenwich Village as a nod to his Bohemian appeal. At least that’s what I remember two Marvel Universe guidebooks I’ve owned since the 6th grade saying, which is funny cause at the time I’d never heard of Greenwich Village or the concept of Bohemia.

  • Zee Panda

    “When Captain America throws his mighty shield…” when I was a kid I watched the TV series but I totally overlooked this movie – I might have to check it out, it looks like goofy fun.