This Camouflage Prom Dress Is Sort Of Original And Really Pretty And Actually Kind Of The Best

Remember that girl who wore the Confederate flag prom dress and then was all like “what do you mean I can’t come in unless I go home and change even though you already told me I should not wear my Confederate flag dress because it is ‘offensive,’ whatever, HERITAGE NOT HATE”? Sure you do, she was a dick.

confederate prom dress

Well, this nice young lady who sent pictures of her and her date in matching camouflage to KnoxNews might be trying to be a dick, except her dress is actually really lovely, and original, and while we wanted to mock at first glance, we are actually absolutely for, pro, aye, and in favor of this camouflage prom dress, with no abstentions.

This Camouflage Prom Dress Is Sort Of Original And Really Pretty And Actually Kind Of The Best

First that print is really striking. Since we are not folks of the Tennessee-varmint-huntin’ variety, we had never seen a winter camouflage before, with its bare, frosty branches and few bright leaves. Second, that sweetheart neckline and the full skirt are pretty, age-appropriate and really very elegant! Third, HER DATE’S TIE IS SAFETY VEST ORANGE! Come on, that is awesome! Even though it still will not stop Dick Cheney from shooting him in the face.

[KnoxNews via Happy Wonker superoperative “Lisa Z”]

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  • TheLifeSilica

    They also get points for proper trigger safety.

    • Mahousu

      But then he loses one for his “devil horns” hairstyle.

    • Ambignostic

      When I first saw the boy, I thought “ha ha, that kid has as much experience holding a rifle as Mitch McConnell!” but then I saw his finger position and was like, “oh. I’m a wrong jerk.”

  • It’s called Blaze Orange, BTW.

  • Jason M

    What girl? I don’t see anyone there! Because of the camo? Get it?

  • AnOuthouse

    Great, now I’m getting prom dress ads on every web page. Thanks, google.

  • BMW

    Ok, that’s actually clever.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

  • gingerland62

    Yes, charming-let’s hope they don’t add to the gene pool.

  • Joseph

    She had with the look on hr face. That is the look you want to see before yous tart drinking. it is reminder to make sure you have your cup and it is not in your pocket.

  • Gretchen Miller Neuman

    I’d feel better knowing that this girl is going to a college out of state and that dress will not double as her wedding gown.

  • $160578

    Bet he won’t worry about anybody trying to steal his date. Also, the band will definitely be taking your requests, ma’am.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.