RAW FEED: Building "Phobos" - Windows 7 Retro Machine

Thanks to compatibility issues, 2016 is the year of the Windows 7 Retro Computer. I weep for this hobby.

But I do like building computers. Specs below (subject to capricious change):
AMD Athlon X4 860k FM2+ CPU @ 4.2Ghz Overclocked
MSI Grenade MicroATX FM2+ Mainboard
8GB of leftover DDR3 1600MHz
PowerColor Radeon HD6950 1GB
Corsair CS750M Semi-modular 80+ Bronze PSU
Corsair Carbide 240 MicroATX Cube case
Corsair H60 All-in-one liquid cooler
2x Linus Tech Tips Special Edition Noctua NF-F12 fans
Windows 7×64 installed to a spare SSD



EEGG: See you starside.

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