Bryan Cranston reads the modern children’s classic "You Have to F**King Eat"

Bryan Cranston reads the modern children's classic "You Have to F**King Eat"

Is there anything as fun as cursing at children? It’s pretty much the only thing that makes writing those 19 Kids & Counting recaps tolerable. And now TV’s Bryan Cranston is joining in on the fun with the audio book of You Have to F**king Eat.

Samuel L. Jackson’s reading of Go the F**k to Sleep has delighted millions of frustrated parents who would never, ever use such language out loud (but have thought it so hard that sometimes it feels like the inside of your skull is pulsing like a subwoofer). And, yes, the new Cranston-narrated audio book is a sequel by the same author (whose name is Adam Mansbach, not that anyone cares about writers, am I right?).


“This is a very funny book and my hope is that listeners will agree that I can swear with just as much panache as Samuel Jackson,” Cranston said, because he’s simply delightful like that.

Does he live up to the challenge? You tell me—here’s a clip:

You can get the entire audio book free until December 12, 2014, at Consider it an early Hanuchriskwanramadeepam (or, for atheists, Wednesday) present from your friends at Happy Nice Time People.

BONUS: Check out Samuel L. Jackson’s rendition of Go the F**k to Sleep as a motherfucking song over at Wonkette!

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