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Watch as Joey has a hard time distinguishing the movie he’s reviewing, Disney’s Brother Bear, from Pixar’s latest movie  (and big disappointment) Brave. Both have main characters that transform into bears and need to go on journeys of self-enlightenment, or some bull crap like that. Oh, but this one has two Canadian bull moose, with one played by Rick Moranis, which is a clever bit of casting, eehhh?

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  • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

    Actually if they can use tools and such, I’m more surprised that they aren’t able to read and write…you’d think humans would be able to communicate with animals through other methods than speech especially in this universe.  Also Joey a bad Hanna-Barbera cartoon and now this?  Who at the Agony Booth did you piss off badly to be punished more than Film Renegado for having to edit that absolutely awful Sailor and the 7 Balls recap?  OK I take it back, Renegado was punished worse, but still I’d never watch Brother Bear for the simple reason I’d fall asleep through it (I’ve tried watching Ultraviolet three times and fell asleep halfway through all three times…not sure what says about my attention span)…

    • Tedzey71

      Oh, just wait until next week! If you thought these two were bad, just wait until I take a look at this xD 

    • Sofie Liv

       I actually like Brother Bear, And I liked brave to!

      Especially the stunning transformation scenes makes it worthwhile to watch the entire Brother bear movie.
      That little scene is a highlight in hand drawn animation, and much over-looked. No the movie isn’t flawless, but I still say there’s a lot of really good stuff in it.

      Sorry Joey, but well, when you disagree you disagree.

      • Tedzey71

        It’s all good! The world will keep spinning 🙂
        BTW, it was a clever descision to have the transformation done with hand-drawn effects as opposed to CGI. Yeah, it’s colored and traced with computers, but the motion and design makes it neat to watch.
        “Brave” is a can of worms I’ll open in September…

        • Sofie Liv

          You really don’t like Brave?

          I’ll admit, it’s not up to usual Pixar standards, but it’s not bad, and there are plenty of really good things in it.

          • Tedzey71

            It’s a well made film, but I found most of the characters to range from uniteresting to annoying. Elenor is an acception. I don’t fault you for liking it and it could have been alot worse, but it was underwhelming

          • Jill Bearup

            I LOVE Brave. It’s a lot more conventional than most Pixar productions, sure, but it’s funny and it’s sweet and it’s all about the women. 

            Also, the horse is called Angus, which is also my Scottish brother-in-law’s name. 🙂

          • Sofie Liv

             Hah, lol. Angus is probably one of the most epic scottish names ever.. just by being that scottish X)

            Yeah, a movie about mothers and daughters WITHOUT being a teen flick, how rare is that?

            You know what we need? more main characters whom are mothers because, you just always need to god damn respect and admire any mother.
            If a woman steps up and says. “I am a mother, move out of the way!” .. most men honestly will step out of the way.. which is cool if you ask me.

            Mrs. Brisby from “the secret of Nihm.” the fact that she’s a mother really makes her character.

            I am rambling, sorry, carry on.

            Also, it’s a fantasy adventure piece with a female lead which is actually good. How many exists of does? okay I stop, man lets hope I, Ursa and the Nostalgia chick wont ever be trapped in the same room, they will never be able to shut us up.. we are some very frustrated women apparently >_<

  • Joelkazoo

    I actually quite liked this film. It’s far from perfect, but it’s an enjoyable film, and there are far worse movies you can be stuck watching with the kids. I think it helps that I’m a hardcore Bob and Doug McKenzie fan. 

    • Tedzey71

      I don’t regret watching it. It could have been worse 😛

  • If only the Bob and Doug mooses had a Geddy Lee voiced eagle with them, they could be watchable. BIG ‘could’ though.

    There were 4 reasons I was really looking forward to seeing Brave:

    1. The setting. Done with Pixar animation, it looks stunning. I know that could be a moot point considering visuals don’t necessarily improve a story just like clear and crisp graphics don’t make a good video game but the visuals looked brilliant.

    2. The original score. I am a fan of Celtic inspired music and the fact they got a Scot to compose (Patrick Doyle), it seemed like a great fit.

    3. Mumford and Sons doing the original song for the movie soundtrack. Also a fan of their music and was nice to hear they had the original song ‘Learn me Right’. I know a young female singer does the vocals but they couldn’t diminish the Sons’ greatness could they? Right Joey…?

    4. Billy Connolly. Sounded epic in the trailer and it one of my favourite comedians ever!

    The bad press it’s got has really soured my expectations but I’ll still go see it despite that.

    • Tedzey71

      I think you should still check it out if you like Pixar animation. Just drop your expectations since I don’t think you’re going to get much else 😛