Broken Arrow (1996) (part 3 of 6)

At the site of the crash, a team of soldiers, including Rhodes (future Glitter director Vondie Curtis-Hall) and Kelly (former NFL star Howie Long) finds the nukes are missing. Rhodes radios this in, giving us our first Title Drop of the movie. Evidently, a “broken arrow” is the official term for a lost nuclear weapon. Kurtwood Smith relays this fact to Giles, who’s currently on a chartered plane en route to Utah.

Just a side note: I think this might be the only action movie ever set in Utah. Unless, of course, you count Mormon porn, in which case I really don’t want to fucking hear about it.

There’s more hand-wringing from Giles, and we get a bit more exposition at the Pentagon about how the nukes didn’t explode because they have to be armed first. They make a reference to Hale, which finally takes us back to our main stars. Well, one of them, at any rate.

It’s the next day, and Hale wakes up in a canyon, still attached to his parachute. He unhooks himself and looks around, muttering about Deakins and looking at the twenty dollar bill in his pocket from the previous night. He puts it under a rock, muttering, “You won that round.”

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Spring Break at West Point gets real rowdy!

Suddenly, he’s found by park ranger Terry, which leads to a brief knife/gun standoff between the two. Eventually, she decides the guy can be trusted, and takes him to her truck.

Broken Arrow (1996) (part 3 of 6)

To be fair, Slater and Mathis do have pretty good chemistry here, as they did in Pump Up the Volume. Of course, neither one of them was expected to be a believable action hero in Pump Up the Volume, but my point still stands.

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Multi-Part Article: Broken Arrow (1996)

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