VIDEO: Bride and Prejudice (2004)

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India, America, England, Bollywood music, Aishwarya Rai, and Gurinder Chadha directing: what more could you want? Well… maybe a Darcy who actually appeals. But we can’t have everything, right?

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  • Julia

    Hey, fun review! Yep, Colin Firth (whose filmographie contains a dizzying mix of great and atrocious movies IMNSHO; I’m looking at you, Princess Diaries) does repressed passion like he was genetically engineered for it. I liked seeing Lizzy as half-way between Caroline and Jane; I never noticed that (and I nearly know the book by heart). I’m very glad you see Jane as only naive; I often read her described as “dumb”, which annoys me like Whoa. Kind-hearted & non-snarky =/= dumb. I’m not even sure whether naive is the right term – it’s not that she doesn’t know there’s bad things and bad people. She just assumes the best as long as nothing else is proven; basically the living, walking principle of “if you’re not proven guilty, you are innocent”.

    Bride and Prejudice – you actually made me like that a bit better than I did after first watching it. I thoroughly disliked … well, the Lizzy stand-in. I thought her, in her conversations with Darcy, rude and unjustified aggressive, as if she had decided in the first 5 seconds that he’s everything wrong about anyone not from India, and just waiting for a flimsy excuse to yell at him. (For example when he told her about his 600$ / day hotel room having an hour-long black-out – being put off by that seemed perfectly justifiable to me; in a hotel with those sort of prices I’d expect them to have not only generators but also back-up generators and if all else fails, the bloody manager himself to crank a handle or jump into a hamster wheel to power up the place. Lizzy seemed to take his reaction as a character flaw.)

    Worse than Lizzy being so rude: as far as I remember, there’s never a hint of her being wrong or even admitting to being so. That was part of the charm of the original story: both main characters started out believing themselves absolutely in the right, both were at some point slapped in the face by the realization that they were dead wrong, and BOTH had the spine to admit to that! Here the price for the romantic end seems to be Darcy knuckling down and Lizzy graciously agreeing to marry a rich, handsome, sexy, devote Brit. Oh, the sacrifice.

    Off to look for your video on the BBC version.

    • Jenny

      Colin Firth wasn’t in Princess Diaries, was he? I know he was in that Amanda Bynes flick as a modern Rex Harrison, but I don’t recall him strutting his stuff in PD.

      • Chris Palmer

        No he wasn’t. I think Julia’s confusing What A Girl Wants and PD. He was, however, in the last two St. Trinian’s movies.