Breaking the Republic*nt barrier on True Blood – Tales from Dragon Con 2014

kristin bauer van straten

Ever wondered what it’s like to get trapped in the heart of one of North America’s largest sci-fi and fantasy conventions? Imagine the crowds at Mardi Gras if everyone stopped to take pictures of each other’s outfits every four seconds.

That was my experience at Dragon Con in downtown Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. With 62,000 sci-fi and fantasy fans overflowing from five skyscraper hotels like the ample bosom of a steampunk Borg cosplayer from her sparkly black corset, Dragon Con is the third largest convention in the U.S. behind Comic Con San Diego and Comic Con New York.


(If the phrase “steampunk Borg cosplayer” is absolute gibberish to you, don’t worry. This week’s series of reports from Dragon Con will remain safely focused on mainstream television.)

Looking through my notes from Dragon Con, one word immediately jumped out as the best place to start writing: Republicunt.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Let’s all say it together. Republicunt.

If you’re a True Blood fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Kristin Bauer van Straten—better known as the vampire Pam—destroyed the innocence of HBO viewers everywhere by uttering the word aloud on a particularly quote-worthy episode earlier this season. We can only hope her mother wasn’t watching.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Breitbart’s Big Hollywood immediately turned the conservative outrage machine in True Blood‘s direction. Behold the true War on Women with its filthy language! Don’t you realize that Republicunt you’re sneering at is somebody’s mistress? Who can think of healthcare or equal pay when there is name-callling going on!

Fast-forward to Saturday at Dragon Con.

Van Straten had the opportunity to apologize to the outraged masses during a panel discussion with some of her True Blood co-stars, but alas, the lass chose to double down instead: “Apparently Sarah Palin was mad, and I was like, ‘GREAT!’ … It was so fun that I somehow got to piss her off.”

Oh, Kristin, you beautiful creature.

Van Straten says she’s not particularly political but despises Palin for “hunting” wolves from a helicopter. Yeah, that’s a pretty Hollywood reason to hate Palin, but whatever, it’s as good as any.

And she wasn’t the only one on the True Blood panel with interesting things to say about Republicans.

Michael McMillian—who played an anti-vampire Bible-thumper (and later a vampire)—revealed that he studied the speeches of George W. Bush to perfect his character’s mix of soft-spoken self-righteousness and grinning, condescending dickishness. It’s hard to imagine a better role model.

The panel wrapped up with a fan asking if the True Blood cast was familiar with FOX News’s Shep Smith and his propensity for gushing on and on about his love for the show at inopportune times. Sadly for Shep, the answer is not really. Even more sadly for Shep, but hilariously for the rest of us, Kristin van Straten is pretty sure Shep was fired for being gay.

Not yet, Kristin. Not yet.

True Blood wrapped up its final season a few weeks ago. For Stephen Colbert’s take on the Republicunt controversy—with plenty of Shep Smith thrown in—just click play:

[Update: looks like the YouTube video isn’t playing. Go watch the clip over on Colbert’s site:—-true-blood—-washington–d-c—court-of-appeals]

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