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Sofie reviews the Pixar film Brave, and by popular demand, she’s doing this review entirely in her native language (Danish) with English subtitles!

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  • Liz

    A great review!

    • Sofie Liv

      ¬†thanks ūüôā

  • Muthsarah

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, since it seems everyone else feels the exact same way you do about it: good enough, but a wasted effort for Pixar given how it loses its way halfway through.¬† I was so pumped when the first teaser hit, but I let myself be warned off and wait ’til I’m in the right mood.¬† It still looks fantastic, though.¬† Do they make good use of the scenery, or do they just have a few pretty shots for a big ol’ montage?¬† I’m tempted to see it for the visuals alone.

    Speaking of which, are you doing something noticeably different with your lighting?  Looks darker and cozier, less like an office and more like a room with a fireplace.

    • Sofie Liv

      They do use the highland shots and it’s beautiful, though ones again, for some reason it’s something mostly used in the beginning.
      And again, it’s actually worth checking out, it’s just a shame that it looks like it’s going one direction for half an hour and then turns around to do some-thing completely different, it’s kind of inconsistent that way.

      Well, I am deeply dependent on natural lightning, I don’t have any persay profesional lightning, so the truth just is, it’s really dark these days in my country, and never truly light like in summer, so the out-side light was dimmer and I used two ordinary night-lights this time around for projections, which does have a warmere light to them then natural day-light, it wont be permanent, it’s just until it starts becoming lighter again, which should be soonish.

      • Muthsarah

        I think it looks a lot better this way.¬† Most internet vids have the same bright, even lighting.¬† The warmer palette and the shadows added a rich ambiance, and it went pretty well given the movie’s setting of foggy, gray Scotland.¬† I don’t recall noticing lighting in videos much, at least not in a positive way.¬† Maybe you could work it into some of your future videos, unless of course you really don’t like it.

        • Sofie Liv

          ¬†I like it, I just don’t have the room nor budget to use any-thing else than natural lightning!

          I life in a 16 square meter room, which consist of my bed, my shelf, my key-bord and my desk and there is room for any-more :/
          So I sit on my bed face-front to the window, and wen there is a strong light because of summer time, I even pull over the drapes to dim it a bit, but it’ll still be strong! and there’s nothing more I can do, only other thing to do is to wait till night-time, but then it’ll end up looking like my hobbit review, I am very litterately on a mini-scule budget and have mini-scule space, there’s nothing to work with!

          My goal number one right now is just to find a way to move to a place where I will have the room for an actual sofa to sit in!

  • I like this review in Danish. It’s a fun¬†language¬†to hear.

    • Sofie Liv

      And now you know what I sound like in my every-day life.. funny apparently.

      • No not funny that way. Fun because I’ve never really heard it spoken really. It’s interesting and cool.

        • Sofie Liv

           Ah, cool :3

  • John Wilson

    Nice review.I still don’t get the female movie not having a male partner being a big deal. In many male movies,there is a female¬†partner¬†with the male¬†partner. Its just the rule of story.The male/female main person is follow by a male/female¬†partner¬† Wherever if part of the family,a friend or lover. Its the ying yang of storytelling. I haven’t seen Brave yet but Cars 2 was awesome so it has that going for it(kind of).I have a small feeling that Brave will be ok to me. Besides that,How your singing in Danish? Do you¬†usually¬†sing in Danish or English? How do people do accects in Danish. ¬†Also just wanted to say a late Merry Christmas and Happy New year:).

    • Sofie Liv

      ¬†It’s also a lot more common that there are movies featuring a male lead with a male side-kick, or movies which just features an entire male ensemble cast and 1 – 2 female supporting roles, not necesarily a love interest, but no more women appearing, try and make a count in your head as you watch movies in the future, suddenly the imbalance becomes a little bit scary.
      And well, just to look at Pixar.. In toy story the two main characters a male, in Up the two main characters are male in Ratatoulie the two main characters are male, so yeah.
      Finding Nemo I am very pleased with though, as they took a character, whom would very naturally have been male, cause she is dumb comic relief whom isn’t a love interest, and turned her female, and it worked great for her!¬†

      And yeah, having a movie with a female lead where there isn’t even as much as hinted on a love interest.. That’s just absolutely astounding! that never ever happens!
      Probably also because any-thing with a female lead are sold as “Romantic stories.” these day, but you know, any-way.
      And this being a movie, where both leads are female, or not young teen girls, but had a different approach. It actually genuinly is different! It’s also so nice to see a mother get some lime-light if you ask me.

      And happy new year to you to!

  • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

    As a swede I tried to follow this review as best I could without subtitles just to see how hard it would be… 4 lines in and I stare at the subtitles

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, a reason for that might be that I am not from the Copenhagen sjælland area, if I were chances are you would have a way easier time following me.
      I am from Jylland! the country side, so yeah, in Danish I actually have what around here would be considered a pretty strong farmers accent XD

      Hope you could enjoy the review regardless. And well, *Scandinavian High five!*

      … er det nemmere hvis jeg bare skriver dansk til dig? kan du l√¶se det her?

      • The_Stig

        Great, Sofie now you put an image of my head of an urban Dane watching this and laughing all the way through it because he or she thinks you sound like Larry the Cable Guy to them. LOL

        • Sofie Liv

          ¬†Actually what it means languet vice is that the Copenhagen area is closer to sweden, so their accents sounds way more similar to sweden, the two can also just drive over a bridge and meet all the time do they want, most litterately.. there’s a bridge litterately going from Copenhagen to sweeden, you can see Sweden from some spots in Copenhagen.

          Jyllands dialekt how-ever comes from the east-coast where fisher men always sailed to, you guessed it, Scotland! So the more west you go, the more swedish like people sound, the more east, the more scottish-ish.

          And I think the best example would be that if I lived in England, I would sport a country-side Yorkshire accent, if I lived in America I would sort of sound like applejack.

          • The_Stig

            Yeah, I get it. I’m just saying it’s a regional country dialect, not unlike our ‘hillbilly’. But I do love that language you speak.

      • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

        ah I see (though it is still preferable to 
        Copenhagen danish) and I can indeed understand your writting: kan du förstå min?

        • Sofie Liv

           jeg forstår hvad du skriver! min skandinaviske ven og nordiske frænde.

          • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

            ah trevligt att kunna anv√§nda sig av svenskan p√• ett mer internationellt plan. utav nyfikenhet kommer du att recenssera danska filmer n√•gon g√•ng i framtiden?… perhaps it’s a little rude to use swedish though as the general ability to understand it is limited

          • Sofie Liv

            hehe, well, I got the ability to screw around with my english viewers, I want to use it ones in a while.

            Whether I am going to review any Danish films? I don’t know really, the trouble with Danish film are.. that they are well, danish, and this is a site about mainstream movies, as well, I will have to admit that as I all-ready know such a video wouldn’t get to many views I am hesitant to do so.

            How-ever the movie. “Valhalla.” or “Ronald the Barbarian.” are two movies I have considered.. also because I am interested in finding out what an US audience would even begin to think about “Roland the Barbarian”.. and then they will slowly start to understand what kind of humour kids can freely get while going in cinema In this country..

          • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

            Indeed that might be a bit hard. Non-the-less I would encourage you to review the two movies you mentioned. I don’t know how I would encourage you but… here have a virtual¬†encouragement, works for¬†cookies¬†should work for motivations.

          • mssinykin

            Have you consider reviewing one of the seven or so Danish films were nominated for Best Foreign Language Film (three have won so far)? Even if you don’t personally care about the oscars, that recognition increases the chances of English speaking audiences to have at least heard of them.

          • Sofie Liv

            There’s actually been three of those which won you know. Two of them made by female director Susanne Bier.
            But honestly, her film are good don’t get me wrong, they just don’t interest me that much, it’s not my kind of movies.

            So you don’t want to hear what. “Ronald the Barbarian.” From Denmark is all about??

      • danbreunig

        “I am from Jylland! the country side, so yeah, in Danish I actually have
        what around here would be considered a pretty strong farmers accent XD”

        So, just curious–have you actually done farming, then?¬† Or just live outside the major cities?¬† I’m kind of sandwiched between a major city on one side and a farming community on the other, myself.¬† Best of both worlds, really.

        • Sofie Liv

           No no, never done farming.
          I am from a kind of strange city, meaning yeah, this is a genuine city! we life 40,000 people here! .. but it’s out in the middle of no-where, the moment you exit the city there is forest simply every-where! or farmer areals. And you have to drive half an hour to get to the next actual city.

          Inside of the city there is also a lot of trees and water, but it is a city, we have the supermarkeds, big church, cinema, shopping street, cafe street, banks ect.

          Beside my dad is a teacher and my mom is a social worker. My grandmother was a farmer ones, but that was way before I was even born! It was while she was young and lived with her own family.

  • Nuclearademan

    Ooo a foreign language review with subtitles, fancy.

    I love Brave and I don’t know why it’s so mixed. The plots a bit meh but the two main characters were really likable and every supporting character had a funny moment. Billy Connolly probably the funniest man alive and he’s perfect choice for the king. Also as you pointed out the film is incredibly pretty.

    • Sofie Liv

      ¬†It was popular demand! Now i’ve done it so that’s out of the way!

      And yeah, for what it is, it is indeed a good movie, you just sit back with a feeling… it could have been better. And that is sort of a dissapointing feeling to have.
      But it’s still good. And yeah, all characters, they are good.

  • LindaMinda

    Of all the Scandinavian languages I like Danish the best.

    • Sofie Liv

       hah lol, glad you liked it X)

  • Now you all know how¬†I felt when I went to Denmark. Except it was many in conversation and no subtitles! I just said “Taler du engelsk?” as many times as I could to blag my way to where I needed to go. Cheap but effective. Honestly though I’m glad to see you do a video in your native language. There is a rhythm to it that is similar to the English language (the Vikings were our ancestors after all) so it doesn’t feel too unfamiliar, even if I can’t understand the majority of it! This dum mand still has a long way to go.

    I will give this film a shot now since a family member of mine has it on DVD. I’m sure I’ll like it in it’s own quaint way, just not the deceptive way from the trailers. Plus, Billy Connolly as a clan leader! That was what drew me to it in the first place, before I even heard it was Pixar doing it.

  • Bob_in_Baltimore

    Happy New Year, Sofie! ¬†Thanks for the review in Danish, I enjoyed hearing the language. Occasionally an English- or German-like word would pop up (when the subtitle said “bird” it sounded like you said “Vogel”), but without the subtitles I would have been very, very lost. ¬†

    Haven’t seen this movie yet, but it is coming up in my Netflix cue eventually. ¬†And I just checked out the vocal cast: ¬†the great comedian Billy Connolly, Kevin McKidd (who was awesome in the TV series Rome), Craig Ferguson (host of an odd but often entertaining late-night talk show in the US)- looks like an interesting group. ¬†Guess I will try to watch it without unreasonably high expectations that it will redefine animation, or the role of female protagonists, or whatever.

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, in some words Danish and German is slightly related, that is true, we had a lot of interactions through history.

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the review, and yeah, it’s a good movie, the clans men are fun when they are together so look forward to that, they are a merry bunch.

  • Jay_Bay

    This language….it’s magical. ¬†The actual review, cool and top notch. ¬†And now with this done, what other fan requests will you indulge us with?

    • Sofie Liv

       Other fan requests? what more is there to do? .. oh right.. long list.. -_-;

      I think I am just going to do what I feel like for a while now, go back and watch some more of me in a wonderwoman costume, and then keep quiet -_-;

      glad you like my natural languet though, it’s how I normally sound ūüėČ

      • Jay_Bay

        I could just imagine how long that list really is……geez

        • Sofie Liv

          ¬†I tried to exspell it from my mind, can’t you tell?

  • danbreunig


    Vielen, vielen Dank fuer deine erste volle Kritik auf Daenisch bei der Schmerzbude!  Es ist so erfrischend, endlich die wahre dich hoeren.

    Entschuldigung–ich weiss nicht Daenisch, nur Deutsch. (Ausser “Glaedelig Jul”, “Jeg elsker dig” und “Mange tak.”¬† Wirklich ist das alles ich weiss.)

    Okay, some folks talking here in Northern Europe languages–I just wanted to have a chance to try it out myself.¬† Still, nice little review, nice points about it, I may check it out one of these days–and have fun in 2013!

    • Sofie Liv

       I understood that! believe it or not!

      Well, glad you liked to hear me sound like.. me.

      I will, you have fun to ūüėČ

    • Torgeaux

      I understood a lot of that too.  I spent the best year of my life (20-21) as a student in Heidelburg.  I was almost ready to bust into fluency with German but my mom threw a fit and screamed at me that I had to come home. Me and two buddies had picked out a small apartment in Munich and had gotten jobs for the 1972 Olympic Games.  I have no doubt that if I had stayed on I would have had a completely different life.  I most probably would have met a nice German girl, gotten married, had a family and so on.  A real life road not taken.

  • Jeremy002

    Good review, though I come down more on the so-so side of things rather than the good-but-not-great side; I dunno, I guess my expectations had been pumped too high based on a) the trailers and b) Pixar’s reputation.

    It was a lovely surprise to hear you speaking in your native language; very nice. Any plans to do it again in the future? In terms of emphasis, rhythm, etc., is that how you would present such material to an exclusively Danish audience, or were you grafting your English-style of presentation onto the Danish? For me, listening to Danish is like listening to German: I can *almost* but not quite understand it; I’m missing just a couple of vital components that would allow comprehension (I’m speaking from a how-it-sounds POV, not an I’m-actually-trying-to-learn-either-language-POV). I don’t know if anybody else noticed, or if you did, or if it was just my imagination, but your English-speaking voice sounds higher than your Danish-speaking voice. Any hyptheses about why, assuming it’s even true?

    How to say the next thing–based on what I’ve seen from all of your videos so far, culminating in this one–without sounding harsh? Perhaps being direct is best: your English-writing skills require improvement. Technically-speaking, your English-speaking skills could also be improved, BUT because I can fully understand what you’re saying, I don’t really have anything to complain about. But the same cannot be said about your English-writing. In other words, while I’m laid-back concerning spoken English, I’m fussy about written English. This was my stance when I was an ESL teacher, as well. Writing is my “thing,” and I therefore take it quite seriously.

    To close on a more positive note: how do you think the presentation of BRAVE’s “message” could have been improved, seeing that it advocates for a middle-way–not too strict, but not too irresponsible–that, perhaps by definition, makes it difficult to convey in a strong, robust way?

    • Sofie Liv

      ¬†I spoke as I would spoke to any regular dane, and then translated what I said into subtitles later.. which was very tidious… and that may ended up in more spelling mistakes than what is neccesary.. urh.
      Some-times I also suffer from a mild dyslexia, which means, I can end up thinking I wrote some-thing, but in reality I wrote another word entirely, maybe even missed a line..and when I got back looking, my mind will trick me into seeing what I think it says.. so unless I have forgotten what I wrote word by word (which you do after a day and a half, so that’s how I write school papers.)
      And when doing the subtitles like this, I didn’t even have spell control.. really sorry.
      And no, I don’t plan to do any-more videos where I speak danish, this was a things asked by my fans a lot of times, to have a review where they could hear what my languet usually sounds like, and so I did this small thing.

      I’m working to improve my english, constantly.. and I think I am slowly improving, but right now, there’s just not more I can do, aside moving to a real english speaking country, which I can’t afford right now, so.. erh.. I don’t know what people will have me do.
      Only thing I honestly can say that if my english and my accent is as aggravating as some people say, they don’t need to watch my videos.. which is some-thing I don’t like saying, because I want people to watch my videos.

      As for Brave, well two things could be done really. either Cut back on the set-up, make it short and more efficient so the pay-off fitts better and we can empathise more and spend more time on the quest, use more time on the legend, dwell more on the interesting stuff. Half an hour is way to long a time to spend before you get to the actual story when you only havle one and a half hour for the entire thing.

      Or.. what could have been done. Change the bear plot entirely, have Merida run away, face some big cursed legend, see what would happen if she doesn’t full-fill her responsibility. Maybe she left her country vulnerable? maybe she would return a year after to find her family destroyed? Maybe the clans men get angry and her dad looses every-thing so the mother must go and fetch Merida on her own, any of these things.
      That was I fully exspected what would happen when Merida ran away, that it would be some-thing huge and big happening now.. But it wasn’t, it was just the mom turned into a bear.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Great review, Sofie!  I especially loved your Mulan comparison and yeah, if that had happened in that movie I would have been seriously pissed off.

    I skipped this one because it had DPS (Disney Princess Syndrome) and it appears I was right to do so.

    • Sofie Liv

      ¬†That is kind of what it feels like.. but honestly, the movie is worth a watch regardless, there’s plenty of really good things in it, and it’s always enjoyable company for while it lasts, just don’t exspect another exceptional Pixar master piece.

      Also.. I honestly can’t blame Disney for consistently making movies with female protagonists.. That’s just. Why would I ever complain about that? And if you start counting the movies, how many where it’s the actual lead whom is female, it’s actually not even that many, it’s around 1/4 – 1/3 of all Disney movies, which is still a far better number than any other company out there…

      • Thomas Stockel

        ¬†It’s a valid point; at least Disney is making female leads, with many of the modern ones being strong ones.

  • Torgeaux

    The Princess thing is based on some pretty good merchandising decisions for Disney ¬†They found out through lots and lots of studies that the people who bought the most and early adopted the most Disney merchandise were¬†tween-er¬†girls (tween-er¬†is an American word for a girl between the ages of 10 and 13). They exhibit a¬†fierce¬†band loyalty and have the energy and determination to get their parents to buy what they want. Believe me if it was 46 year old truck drivers buying most all that Disney crap you see trucker stuff all over the parks, the movies and the shows would be tailor made for truck drivers. (shudder) ¬†Camo-land. ¬†Duck Hunting with Donald Duck….OK that’s too far. ¬†I’ll be quiet now.

  • HEY! I’ll have you know that’s my shtick, miss liv! Expect a sue sometime in the next 11281928 years!

    But seriously, nice job! You sound more natural and fluenct (obviously since that’s your main language) which is great, I do feel your pain about the subtitles, when I subtitled my Dragon Ball Evolution review I thought I was never going to finish, it’s too much damn work x___x, maybe we could find someone to add the subs for us?

    About the movie, I kinda skipped it because Pixar left me a bad taste in the mouth after Cars 2, I *might* miiiiight check this one out.

    • Sofie Liv

      ¬†I don’t usually sound natural? damn.. but yeah, fluent duh, this is my native languet.

      I don’t know, I think i’ll just skip any danish reviews from now on.

      I think it’s worth checking out regardless, you can do that without fear if you need to relax one day.
      And well, cars was done for merchandise money.. I mean come-on it’s practically. “Boys merchendise, the movie.” Couldn’t be any more obvious!

  • Side note, M√©rida is the name of a city around here, so it had me confused everytime someone mentioned her name xD

    • Sofie Liv

      ¬†nice, that’s funny.