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Boy George Unveils Glamorous ‘Domestic Violence Chic’ In Video For New Single, Not Kidding

Here is Boy George’s new video for “King of Everything.” It’s a ballad about how he (?) or a fictional character (?) is sorry for being an abusive piece of shit. It is a departure from his usual poppy raga. (We assume his last two albums, which actually came out in the past decade or so and never charted, were also poppy raga, but really, we are just making an ass of me, because we are among the every member of humanity who never heard those albums.)


It’s certainly heartfelt! It’s certainly naked! But we would like to talk about his fancy makeup, which evokes a shiner, a bleeding gash, and a bruise, all glittery and glammed out and really quite beautiful.

IS THIS OKAY? We think it is okay? We are not sure if it is okay, or if we have to get our Feminist Card revoked TWICE IN ONE DAY?

(For the record, we also LOVED LOVED LOVED the fashion shoot with the dead female authors and their picturesque suicides, and we are starting to think we actually might be crazy.)

And, oh fuck, here it comes: When fun. writes a song about being sorry they hit their girlfriend and we don’t really listen to the words because it is so anthemic and we just sort of wander through the grocery store crying because WE WERE YOUNG ONCE WE LOVED EACH OTHER SOB SOB BAWL without really noting that it’s about domestic violence until someone else points it out and we are like “oh shit, forgot to listen to the beginning of the song whoops,” and is it okay if they are sorry? (We don’t mean sorry like every abusive piece of shit is sorry, every time, oh baby baby it will never happen again we promise. We mean: has an epiphany, changes his life.) Is a man who’s hit his girlfriend once salvageable? We think he is? (Though not for her; one and done, dudettes. One and done.)

But just writing a song about it so you can get props for being so sensitive about your horrible abusive piece of shit ways — like, wanting credit for it — may or may not be the kind of “changed your life to not be an abusive piece of shit anymore” we are calling for.

But naked, sure. It’s naked. Except for the five pounds of glitter that make up that sexxxy bruise.

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