RAW FEED: Bored VLog: Actual Comments on the Proud Whopper

Oh look, people are being terrible on the internet.

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  • Your parents cannot have children, so how do you even exist??? 😛

    • Jay_Bay

      adoption, for one. A deal with Mephisto for another.

      • Solkir

        Most likely the latter.

    • madmanoreo

      Perhaps he’s some combined entity like Seth Brundle was trying to become near the end of The Fly or The Major in Ghost in the Shell

  • TheRedWorm

    That Satan. What a trickster, always going on doing stuff and things. Just for fun, ask a true believer how can they know that Satan didn’t write the bible to lead man astray?


    It’s not gay if the fries don’t touch.

    • Magdalen

      I lolled.

  • Jay_Bay

    When it comes to my brand of comedy, hit em low and hit it hard……wait

  • Jasper Jones

    I’ve tried several times now to come up with something funny to say to this and… I can’t. These people suck. They’re just the worst humanity has to offer. Sometimes life just makes me sad.