VIDEO: Borderlands 2

Roland reviews Borderlands 2, the loot grinding gun-fest from Gearbox. Is it an improvement over the first game in the series? Is it worth buying? You’ll just have to watch and find out!

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  • You should review more games like this in the future.  Either games that have just come out or well-known games from the past. 

    I never played the first Borderlands and judging by what I’ve seen in this review and others I doubt I’ll be taking a stab at the series.  

    • I hope to review more new games in the future. I don’t buy that many though, and it takes me a loooong time to play them.

  • Fantasy Mission Force

    I have nothing against reviewing newer, more well-known material, but I really like that you’ve mostly stuck to older, more obscure titles.

    • In a perfect world, I’d do both, and frequently. I’ve been soooooo slow lately though.

      • Fantasy Mission Force

        Sweet deal. I’m glad this episode wasn’t signaling a totally new direction.
        I have almost zero familiarity with any new generation titles, I haven’t been able to claim ‘gamer’ status since 1999, and most games ‘these days’ all look same, to my ancient ass.

        • Ain’t nothing wrong with that. 🙂 

  • TheCrazyFish

     I don’t usually bother trying to grab every box I can find, either in the first game or the second. By the end of the game you’ll have so much money saved up that the few bucks you’ll find in a locker somewhere really don’t matter, and most of the weapons I find myself using come from drops, not shops. The only thing you really have to obsessively hoard is eridium, which you use in the sequel to buy storage upgrades.

    You know what Diablo 2 style loot grind I really don’t think lived up to the hype? Dead Island. All my friends told me I /had/ to get that game because “dude, it’s Borderlands with zombies!” That game sucked.

    • The first few hours of Dead Island were pretty awesome. Granted their attempts at “srs drama” were high handed and fell as super-flat as a Minecraft map. Then it just started to suuuuuuuck. City? Sewers? Nooooo.

      • TheCrazyFish

         Exactly! When I first started playing the game it was so cool and fun, then once you got to the city it started sucking really hard. The difficulty ramp was really bad, but also you started to really notice all the really freaking irritating things about the game. Things like the fact that guns are pointless. They do next to nothing against zombies and are frankly kind of boring to use. Things like the fact that your melee weapons break way too fast, or that the weapon variety which seemed so vast early on is really extremely limited. Things like the fact that, yeah, you’ve pretty much seen every enemy in the game already and there’s nothing new.

        Also, yeah, super long sewer level. Ugh. I know you’ve mentioned how much you hate sewer levels on the show and I have to agree. They’re narrow, uninteresting, easy to get lost in, and disgusting. I’m sure it’s possible to make a sewer level not suck, but if it is I’ve yet to see it done.

        • Oh man don’t even get me STARTED on the guns. I picked the Aussie Cop Chick, because I thought guns would be fun. I waited most of the game to get them, and then they were TERRIBLE. That game was such a waste of a truly epic trailer. But most games are I guess. 😀

          • TheCrazyFish

            I don’t really think anything could have saved that game short of a complete overhaul. It had so many flaws… if they made guns useful, made your melee weapons not break so quickly, moved the city to the end of the game instead of the middle… /maybe/ the game would’ve been great then.

            There’s also the blatant lies that were being spread about the game, like how it would supposedly have you raiding convenience stores for food to keep yourself healthy and gasoline to keep your vehicles operational. Yeah, whatever happened to that gameplay mechanic? You raid a store once near the beginning of the game as part of a story mission and then never again.

            Just… such a disappointment.

            Hmm. Maybe you could do a review of Dead Island at some point? If you feel like you have a lot to say about it, I mean.