Boat Trip (2002) (part 4 of 5)

Cut to a shot of Jerry’s ex, Felicia, as she steps onto a sun drenched balcony. She’s looking down on her new boy-toy as he waxes her car, and she seductively takes off her robe and stands there in a nightgown. He looks up and marvels at her, and then proceeds to do a pratfall.

Felicia goes back inside with a forlorn look on her face, and then she pauses. She spies a framed photo of her and Jerry, and it appears Cheater’s Remorse has set in. And her still having a picture of the two of them on display six months after they broke up is actually the least nonsensical detail in this movie, so I won’t dwell on it.

Back on the ship, Jerry and Nick move down the breakfast buffet line, discussing their evening activities. Jerry asks Nick to pass a “cheese-flavored penis”, and then asks how his evening went.

Nick: Let’s just say that I had some bad shellfish, and leave it at that.

Amazing. For once, this film actually took the subtle route with its humor. I’m not saying that line was actually humorous in any way, but I appreciate the effort, especially after being bludgeoned with all the other gags in this movie. Shellfish, I got that—and all without sound effects or “comedy” music on the soundtrack.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

Once again, to dispel confusion: These are not the gay men.

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Multi-Part Article: Boat Trip (2002)

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