Boat Trip (2002) (part 3 of 5)

Alright then… where do we go from here? Ah, remember that helicopter incident from the night before? Well, somehow the ship encounters a raft full of survivors, who all happen to be buxom women in bikinis. Keep in mind, when Nick shot the helicopter down, it was night, and the ship was running at full steam in the opposite direction. Somehow, after a full night’s sleep, this unpowered raft has caught up with the ship, and the passengers are rescued, and they just happen to be members of the “Swedish Tanning Team”.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

“Captain! Stag film spotted, off the port bow. I recommend rescue, they have a better script!”

The girls are so traumatized by the whole helicopter crash that they have to lay out on deck in their swimsuits. Nick spots them sunning, and becomes enraptured. He darts down and strikes up a conversation with Swedish bikini model Inga (played by Swedish bikini model Victoria Silvstedt), and she soon becomes smitten with this corpulent wretch who dresses like a medicated teenager.

Nick tells the team that he’s gay, so they allow him to apply suntan lotion, leading to this movie’s first ejaculation gag. Yes, it’s only the first. Here, we get Nick moaning loudly for some reason, sounding disturbingly like he’s having sex, before a spurt of lotion lands on a girl’s back. This is somehow passed off as humor, and not a social offense.

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Multi-Part Article: Boat Trip (2002)

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