Boat Trip (2002) (part 2 of 5)

Next, our two heroes step from a cab and walk amongst throngs of people boarding a cruise ship. This is the moment where what little rationale that existed, and was hanging by a filament, gets shredded and tossed overboard.

In order to create a scenario where the audience knows more than the characters, the pair somehow fail to notice they’re boarding with hundreds of men, all dressed like the audience at a Cher concert. They also somehow manage to avoid reading the enormous banner draped on the gangplank announcing that this is a gay cruise. This also means they failed to read the manifest, their tickets, the itinerary, their confirmations, and the travel planner which they were issued. Thus flushing away all my sympathy for this duo like so much bilge water.

I know what you’re thinking. “In order for them to be trapped on this cruise, they had to be oblivious until they were out at sea! Otherwise, there would have been no movie!” Well, those last seven words are entirely my point.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

Just a reminder: These are the two guys who aren’t supposed to be gay.

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Multi-Part Article: Boat Trip (2002)

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