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December is Time Travel Month for Phil Buni, because screw Christmas! (Also, he did his Christmas specials back in July.) First up is Black Knight, a comedy where Martin Lawrence, one of the least funny actors of our time, works at a Medieval Times-style theme park, but then ends up traveling back in time to the actual medieval times! Did you notice how many times we said “time” in this description? It’s a theme month! 

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  • Not sure acknowledging the historical racism of the era would have really improved matters. I mean they did that in Will Smith’s Wild Wild West, and all it did was make things more awkward. Same thing for that one scene in Men in Black III. If you’re not going to make the race issue a central theme or plot thread, then I suppose ignoring it outright and creating this sanitized alternate history of racial equality is preferably to just going “BTW, slavery was a thing” and then saying no more on the matter.

    Movie still sucks though. lol

  • Muthsarah

    So the War on Christmas has now spread to The Agony Booth.  How am I going to explain this to my children?  That I don’t have.  So it’s impossible.

    Slavery wasn’t really a big thing in most of medieval Europe, at least not the kind you’re thinking of.  A black person would not be assumed to be a slave, just an exotic traveler from beyond “the lands of the Mohammadans”, or perhaps a dignitary or wealthy merchant from a North African or Iberian court.  There was no reason to presume a black person was or should be a slave, as contact with Africa was rare, and the slave trade only became a big thing when there became a great need for cheap labor, as in the plantations of the New World.  Before that, anyone could be a slave, and a slave could be anyone, and the only slaves 99% of the people would know of would look much the same as anyone else in the area. If a European bigwig was looking for a slave, he could either capture one in a war (usually another white people), or easier still, purchase a debtor.  And even that kind of slavery was illegal in England by the 13th-century.  Of course, the bigger obstacle for Martin Lawrence would be communicating with anyone given that the language would be harder to decipher than even Shakespeare.

    Though I’m not holding the glaring lack of research against you, Mr Bunny.  I doubt anyone’s brains would be in a healthy state after your recent ordeal.  Stick with pot, these movies aren’t good for anyone.

  • MichaelANovelli

    Oh, come on!  Martin Lawrence was funny in House Party!  When he was in his early 20’s and only had about ten minutes of screen-time…

  • Tim Terrell

    Black People weren’t slaves to white folks in Medieval England. And there were black folks roaming Europe and England, called the Spanish Moors, and they weren’t slaves.

    Horrible and Lazy Review. Just a heavy reliance on a bunch of yelling and screaming in my ear from Phil and several reverberating clips of Martin Lawrence to drive home the point he is a blithering idiot rather than clever writing on the part of the Phil the Buni creator.

    • Cristiona

      Don’t forget the fart sound effects. I like Phil, but this was a weaker episode.

    • romanl123

      The slave trade of Africans began in the 16th century, which was NOT the Middle Ages (unless you coun’t the enslavement of Blacks by Arabs, which started centuries before the Europeans started enslaving them). And even then they where almost exclusively shipped to the colonies. Back in Europe the indigenous poor people where where the ones who did the “slave labour” for the higher classes.

      Blacks surely didn’t work as slaves in Medival England. This was the Middle Ages, where people would get burned at the stake because people thought they where witches for having a wart on their face or red hair. What do you think the people of that time would have done to a black person.

      The Moors you speak of conquered Spain and parts of Italy for a time. They where mostly Berbers an not Subsaharan Africans and thus not black. And they certainly didn’t “roam” Europe and England (btw. England is part of Europe, it’s an Island, that’s like saying Japan isn’t in Asia), because they where the Arch Enemies of Christian Europe.

      Speaking of the film, it was of course unfunny crap, but what do you expect of film like that. I also found it funny that they had to make the maid jus happen to be black in Medival England for whatever reason, so Martin Lawrence could have a love interest of his own race? Great!

  • MichaelANovelli

    On a random note, Black Knights was the name of my platoon in Basic Training.  🙂

    • Tim Terrell

       I still can’t believe you are a military man. But thank you for your service.

  • The_Stig


    By the way, depending on the kingdom they would not try to enslave Martin Lawrence (even though they should but for completely different reasons than that implies). The African slave trade didn’t begin until the 16th century. In Medieval times, he would simply be mistaken for a Moor.

    By the way, that christian time travel movie was hilarious.

  • TheCrazyFish

    You know, I didn’t really think much about before but, yeah…where IS all the racism? Don’t get me wrong, you know, I don’t particularly want to see racism, but if we’re saying Martin’s character is in the middle ages… we’re talking about a time when the establishment taught that Africans had dark skin because they were cursed by God. At best they viewed Africans as unfortunate souls who needed to be shown the light of God’s grace, at worst they were viewed as mindless animals that looked vaguely human but weren’t. Yet, the closest anyone ever gets to being actually racist is when the villain calls Martin’s character a “Moor.”

  • TheCrazyFish

    Also, what is the Christian time travel movie you mentioned?

  • I havent enjoyed christmas in 20 years!!!

  • If my lack of research pissed you off, sorry. It was a funnier line of jokes then…”No of this makes any sense” over and over. I think my main point was there would be racism, they wouldn’t think he was the messenger, they might have a few questions about his bright green jersey. 

    Oh and if you didn’t like my slow down clips and fart jokes…uh…well I’m not gonna stop doing that. Have you not seen many of my negative reviews? But to be fair the next four won’t have fart jokes. 

    So…cry some more.

    • Tim Terrell

      I wasn’t crying. I like when creative people fail. It demonstrates for me what not to do when I put my video productions together. But if it bothers you so much, next time I won’t criticize, I will just watch and shake my head. I did like your video about horror movies that deconstruct the genre, and the production value and work put into the Bunny and set is great.

  • Oh my god, I forgot about this stupid movie…it was siting in the drawer of a cabin my family rented for vacation a while back, so we watched it. I remember it being horrible. Your review brought back the horror! Darn you, bunny-puppet-thing! O_O

    You making fun of this movie is far funnier than the movie. 😛