VIDEO: Black Christmas (1974)

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It’s the fourth annual Blood Splattered Christmas Special, as the Horror Guru tackles Bob Clark’s sorority slaying slashterpiece Black Christmas.

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  • Jonathan Campbell

    Its weird for me to watch this film since every time I do its always in the back of my mind that “my mother recommended it to me”.

    • Josh Langland

      Hahaha, well good on your mother. It’s a classic. =)

  • DeanD

    I only discovered this film a couple of years ago and since then it has leapt into my top 10 of horror/thrillers. The phone calls are disturbing, the characters/drama engaging, the performances effective and Billy just may be the most psychotic of all the 70s/80s villains, and since that list includes Leatherface, Jason and Freddy, that says a lot. Billy’s tantrum in the attic is the stuff of nightmares. I know people may complain about the pacing but to me it is pitch-perfect and I wish other films would take the time to build up the characters and stakes the way this movie does. My favorite death in the film isn’t the most showy but it scared me the most, I won’t spoil it but who knew a door closing could send such chills up my spine. Great review of a great movie! Bob Clark should be proud giving us the seminal classics of the Christmas season.

    • Josh Langland

      That he absolutely should. May he rest in peace.

      • Jett

        It’s too bad he stopped making horror films.He did them well.

  • Jett

    Well, it’s a little frustrating that we never find out who the killer is but it’s better than the remake that came up with the idea that the killer was a hideous -looking drag queen midget with an equally depraved daddy. Well it was supposed to be a girl ,I think, but it looked like Lily Taylor’s badly -burned dwarf twin.That’s the answer to this movie that they came up with? What the heck were they on?