VIDEO: Birds of Prey “Slick”

Solkir’s 13-part look at the WB’s short-lived superhero series Birds of Prey continues with “Slick”, where the Birds battle an evil metahuman who can turn into water.

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TV Show: Birds of Prey

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  • The_Stig

    Why does she call it a Batarang if it’s shaped like a bird? I think it has something to do with the fact that pre-Arrow, all these WB/CW live action DCU superhero shows had going for them was pointless name-dropping and extremely little else.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      I’d say, it might have something to do with the fact that “Batarang” is at least recognizable, while “Birdarang” now really would have sounded stupid. In series logic: The things, those people throw HAVE been called “Batarang” – or has Robin a “Robinrang”? How else would you call such a thing? “Birdarang”? or “Bird of Prey throwing star which does not resemble a star”? or “Barbara Gordons throwing ring”? Hey, what about a “chakram”?

      • Thomas Stockel

        Maybe not call it anything at all? Or have fun with it and have Dinah ask why it is called a Batarang when there is a bird on it? It could be a nice conversation hook regarding Barbara’s past.

        And why is it called “New Gotham”? Does anyone know?

        And if two officers die who are on a guard detail wouldn’t they just assign two more officers? Does it really make sense to send one guy to guard this thing when they felt it was dangerous enough in the first place to send three? Wouldn’t it have made more sense from a storytelling perspective to suggest the replacement cops were on Harley’s payroll and prepared to pretend to be knocked out and allow the shipment to be stolen?

        Something tells me I was right in dropping this series after the totally lackluster pilot.

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          Not call it anything at all?
          Here, throw that thingamathingie.

          New gotham is called New Gotham, because Old Gotham was destroyed during an earthquake.

        • Solkir

          Old Gotham was destroyed. Presumably by Deep Ones. If you want the real reason, I have no idea.

          And the presumption was that those three were the only honest cops on duty in that specific area, with them dead, they’re replaced with guys on Harley’s payroll. I probably could have done a better job explaining that

    • Solkir

      Yeah, they’ll do that a lot throughout the season

    • Jay_Bay

      As compared to now? I see no difference.

  • Jay_Bay

    Ok, NOW I am feeling that intro. So jazzy and smooth. Batman BatB hit a homer with that episode.

  • Pratchettgaiman

    I can’t wait for the water guy to become a werewolf, repair clocks, and move to Portland

    • Solkir

      Sounds awfully grimm. Idk if I’d watch that.