VIDEO: Birds of Prey “Sins of the Mother”

Dinah meets her mother, the original Black Canary (Lori Loughlin!) in a perfect storm of terrible writing.

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TV Show: Birds of Prey

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  • Muthsarah

    Best lead-in catchphrase ever.

    I would like to see you tackle Community once you’re done with this, Cybil. Or just Season Four, depending on how you roll.

    • Solkir

      An interesting idea. I mean, FUCK! There’s an Inspector Space-Time character who looks exactly like Jeff and it’s never come up even once before the convention?! I might just call the series “The Gas Leak Year”

  • Alexa

    Apparently Melissa Rosenberg won a Peabody Award for Dexter, and it was during its good years so I guess she isn’t all bad. Also I really can’t blame her for Twilight all that much because well miracles are hard, especially when said author of crappy source material is restricting them from making any changes that would make the movie adaptation, you know, good. I like to imagine her pleading with Meyer, about cutting the insinuation of Edward watching Bella sleep at night, and Meyer screaming “NOOO, that’s the bestest most romantic part of the whole story! You leave it in!!!”

    • Jay_Bay


    • Solkir

      Perhaps, but after watching the most terribly written episode so far AND finding out that it was done by the same person who wrote the Twilight movies; I had to make the connection.

      • Alexa

        Yeah I would of done the same, just I have this nasty habit of cutting people (except Meyer) slack when it comes to those movies.

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Okay, I don’t like this episode because of the ending, but there are just some points
    in the review, I cannot help, but shake my head.

    Yeah, this episodes ending is not one of my favorites – although we never saw Black Canary
    die explicitly. I mean – think about it:
    If Hawke has survived, what are the odds, that Black Canary is dead? Relatively

    Why is she not re-appearing?

    Let’s think about the episode a bit, okay?
    Show opens and right out of the gate we know, that the black Canary is hunted by Hawke.
    And she later explains, that the goons even wanted to kill little Dinah.
    Now – we could argue, if it was smart to leave Li’l D. unattended, there I agree, that was
    horrible parenting. However the problem is there: Those crooks wanted to kill
    the little girl.

    Sooo – what to do now? Go into hiding, of course.

    Concerning the genes-thing again: Like I stated last time we talked about this, I’m no geneticist.
    But as far as I know, having a gene for something, does not necessarily mean,
    that this gene is active, right? In that case: having the genetic disposition
    for being a mutant does not mean, that she really could become one – after all,
    the genes (even a mutant-gene) could be lying dormant, right?

    Concerning the “I’m a teenager”-stick:

    I was never one of those teenagers, who smoked, who drank alcohol, who put stuff in their
    bloodstream, because I shook my head at that. When we learned in school about
    what shit you inhale, when you smoke, made me definitely stick with my “I
    don’t smoke”-policy.

    I never had a big fight with my parents about something, that was in the end relatively
    irrelevant or snuck out of home in order to get somewhere, where I clearly was
    not supposed to go.

    But we know people, whose live resembles a bad daily soap, complete with stupid decisions,
    running away from home, being dragged back there by the police, smoking, when
    all they do is harm themselves and stupidly enough think, that they are cool,
    because they smoke, when they clearly are not.

    So, yes – teenagers can do a lot of stupid stuff and a lot of very immature stuff. In
    Dinahs case: run away, when she could have solved the problem here and now with
    a handshake.

    Oh, by the way: “Best lead in catchphrase ever” – it would be, if he would
    review “Doctor Who”.

    Talk about catchphrases: there are some very original ones.

    SFDebris? Perfect. Why? “I’m just a viewer with an opinion” shows, that if you
    disagree, fine – that is just the opinion of Chuck, he is representing.

    Sofie Liv? Perfect, too. Why? The style is very similar to the reviews of Chuck – it is
    her opinion, she does not present her review as the absolute truth.

    Nostalgia critic? Well, at least he gets points for originality.

    Sybill? “Sometimes comics are a drag” – yeap, at least original.

    But the “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”?

    Nope – not that great, at least for me – because it reminds me of that other show, that I
    could watch instead.

  • Mike Smith

    I thought Lori Loughlin looks best tied to a post with a bomb collar on her neck! If the producers of Arrow ever think out a girlfriend for him (Just like in the comics), she’ll be perfect for it!

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Well, she would be, if they had done an Arrow show back in the days. ^^

  • Thomas Stockel

    Oh hey, look, it’s another super hero not wearing a costume. Like I said before, it’s a show about super heroes…that seems to be ashamed that it’s a show about super heroes…

    • Solkir

      Everyone dresses like the lovechild of Neo and Walker: Texas Ranger.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        Might be, but I take superhero-shows in which superheroes and heroines don’t wear superhero-outfits but at least have some decent jokes in it (and I found them amusing) over Batman wearing the outfit, but being dark, grim, gritty and non-amusing all the time.

        • Muthsarah

          But why force the viewer to choose?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            You’re right, Muthsarah, you’re right. We should not be forced, to choose.
            But if there is only this one thing I can get – if it is a “pick and choose” situation, which it seems to be, I pick my humour and my characters, that I can have fun with and leave the super-serious-grim-gritty-realistic stuff there and not watching it.
            For example: the Nolan-movies.
            I tried So hard to enjoy them, I really did.
            I mean: I wanted to.
            And yes, from an intellectual perspective, they are extremely well done, they are allegories on war on terror and yadda yadda yadda – but sorry, I take “Batman & Robin”, “Catwoman” and “Birds of Prey” and watch it over there, at least they know, how to have fun. thank you.

            And on movies, that know how to have fun – or know, how to BE fun – , I can be very forgivable on. But when a movie wants to be clever, wants to be extremely intellectual, wants to be the most-realistic version of the lore and then it makes mistakes that come with the basic-premises of it? Nope, It wants to play with the big boys, then polish your a-game.
            Again: Batman Begins.
            Then go the extra-mile and tell us, WHY for example Joe Chill didn’t kill Bruce, too. What did that gangster see in that little kid, that he didn’t do the smart thing, and killed the only witness. Was it because, he saw the look of terror in Bruces eyes? Even then – if we would be realistic here, he would have pointed the gun at Bruce and put him out of his misery.
            Okay, the consequences would be, that the movie would be awfully short, because there would be no movie at all, but – sorry – if you expect me to believe, that all the characters past is grounded in firm reality, then you really, really have to convince me, why Chill let Brucy-Boy alive, besides “the plot said so.”..

            Compare and contrast that to “Batman” from Tim Burton.
            This movie is pseudo-realistic, too, but then the Joker appears and the movie turns into a comedy… in that movie, that doesn’t take it self too super-seriously, I can forgive, that Jack Napier didn’t kill Bruce, he wanted to, but then said “We see each other”, because the cops were approaching. Although, even if the cops were approaching, you still might have had the time, to end Bruce there.

            And when I see a show like “Birds of Prey”, with all those swooshes and bad dialogue, I immediately take all the bullshit for granted. Why? Because I don’t take it seriously, then. I just have a fun time watch the show.

          • Muthsarah

            The Burton Batmans are still my favorite. They knew how to be campy without being over-the-top. Look at the first scene in the first movie: Robbers mug (/kill?) somebody, flee to rooftops. Talk about mysterious bat-man. Batman then shows up, spreads his wings flamboyantly. They shoot him, he drops, he gets back up. Spreads his wings AGAIN.

            Why? I dunno, but it’s pretty damn silly. ‘Course, he’s beating them up, and threatens to drop somebody (one of the robbers even hinted that the bat had killed someone he knew), so we know he’s still scary.

            Both Batman and The Joker were an excellent mix in that movie. Even the Penguin – however much they changed the character – was both comical and legitimately creepy. Ever since, it’s just been one extreme or another. Personally, I feel the Nolan ones work better, since – no matter how grim it gets – it never gets as distracting as flashing neon lights, extended scenes of meaningless dialogue, and elaborate stunts for no particular reason.

            I haven’t seen (or possible just didn’t commit to memory) Birds of Prey, mostly because I HAVE seen Smallville. Seems like a production that wants to be about something, but even moreso wants to run away from most of the fundamental qualities of that something. Like they wanted to make a new female-centric crime show (“It’s Law and Order meets Charmed!”, “It’s Cagney and Lacy meets Lois and Clark!”), and choose “World of Batman” as their show’s thematic gimmick. And tried to be as un-comicbooky as possible after that point.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            I watched Smallville and found it extremely boring in the first one one/half seasons. It got watchable in season 2.5, got good in season 3 and with season 4 I was really liking it.

            And while I can see, where you are coming from, I watched Birds of Prey and (even couple of weeks prior to Solkirs reviews) and liked the show as a whole.

            And – I don’t know, but maybe – just maybe – one could watch one to three episodes as a whole, before watching the reviews of Solkir or read my bullcrap.

            Why? Well – neither of us is objective here.

            Solkir admitted, he loves to hate the show, I defend it no matter what.
            Therefore I would encourage you to at least give the show a try.

  • Killian Mitchell

    I saw that Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were producers for this show and I couldn’t help but laugh. I wonder if they’re embarrassed they had anything to do with this show. But I also find it funny, considering how many plot holes ouat has and how many plot holes this has.

  • naomi_washburn

    The review was already good. Adding the perfect PME slam made it AWESOME. Internet high five! :-)