VIDEO: Birds of Prey “Reunion”

Someone is killing New Gotham High school alumni, but more importantly, we discuss why the Huntress is an remorseless sociopath. (Contains Game of Thrones season 4 spoilers!)

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TV Show: Birds of Prey

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  • maarvarq

    No arguments from me about her sociopathy, and your condensation made her lovely, smiling face at the end of the episode all the more sickening.

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    I don’t know about #2. See, I’m from Germany, we have different building regulations (“Bauvorschriften” as we call them), so I wouldn’t know about the law of a fire-extinguisher every x meters… but there is one small problem. We don’t see any of those.

    Later on (concerning episode 6) you will say, that film is a visual medium and only that counts, what can be seen. So – by that logic: there is no fire-extinguisher in that building, or at least not near the Huntress and Reese. But thank you for you sarcasm, your “I know everything” and your unabashed “I’m right and you’re wrong” – it’s noted.

    Next about “Prey for the hunter”.

    Yeah, she should’ve jumped after him, that’s what she does, right?
    And then?
    Should she bring her body between him and the ground?
    Or should she have picked him in the air and hold him?
    Just for your information: A little baby you can fly by and grab as huntress.
    A grown up John Shepard? I imagine that being more difficult.

    Next: Sin of the Mother.

    “There is nothing implying, that she is alive and in hiding.”
    Sorry, that’s wrong. They found the body of Hawke – and yet: they didn’t find the body of that woman.
    So, where is she? Was she beamed away by aliens? Did she have an escape-plan? Was she
    burnt to ashes? Probably but not definitely. We don’t know that for sure.

    Next: This episode.

    Do you magically know, how long the Thingamathingie that Oracle MacGyvered would work
    on magic-cloak-guy? I don’t. So – Huntress beats him up, drags his sorry ass
    out, puts him in jail and at best he stays there, because he can’t cloak
    himself again. At worst he gets out, because -oh oh spaghettios – his cloaking
    works again. Now you have another serial killer on the loose.

    by the way:
    That’s always the case, if the birds did not kill these guys.

    The mind-killer would still be on the loose, because of little to no evidence,
    Slick would still be on the loose, because … he’s slick, do you think, that
    something like bars could hold him? John Sheppard would still be killing Metahumans, and we already talked about the cloaking man. Soooo…. if you ask me, if they had just left the “We don’t kill” out or turned it into “We don’t kill, unless there is no alternative”…. but that’s just me, and I’m cutting this show a lot of slack.

  • JackFlack’sJacket

    I’ve really been enjoying, and looking forward to, this series of recaps, myself. The unfulfilled potential of this show makes it ripe for reviews such as you’ve been providing that point out the bill of goods we got sold when they revealed there was going to be a TV show based on an awesome comic I had collected during the short times when DC was in-between reboots.
    As for the whole killing thing, my big issue with it would be (as you pointed out) the absolute in their statements. I really abhor absolutes when it comes to just about anything. “We never kill” may be a worthy goal, but completely unrealistic in a pursuit such as fighting crime. Sometimes it is necessary to take a life in order to save others. “We never kill unless we feel it necessary and we see no other choice” is more accurate, but that’s not the flag they keep waving over and over again.
    Some of the deaths portrayed could be argued in an “eh-maybe” discussion, but then ones like the flamethrower immolation are not ambiguous. She pulled the trigger and kept it pulled until this guy was vapor. Was it justified? Sure, I could see that. In order to save someone else, she had to do what she did. But that COMPLETELY shatters the absolute “we never kill” rule.
    The death portrayed in this episode really does a number on that rule, too, as you pointed out. He was disarmed and apprehended, then locked in and put to death in a gas chamber. I liken it to a police officer that has handcuffed someone caught in the middle of a crime, then pulling out his firearm and putting a couple through his head. (By the way, what kind of air-tight classrooms do they have in that
    school? That caustic crap would most certainly creep out around the
    door. And what about the cleanup that would be necessary before this
    room or any near it would be inhabitable? If the effect was only short-range, then where was the danger to the group at-large?)
    I never got this far into the series, I had given up long before. My hat’s off to you for making it all the way through and then be willing to go to the depth necessary to be able to present them in this format.

    • Solkir

      I was gonna go into how the gas should have leaked under the door, and through the hole they smashed in the wall, but at that point it would have just seemed petty. You always end on a high note, and to go from “she’s killed SO MANY PEOPLE!” to ” some gas could leak out a bit because that room isn’t airtight” would have been a step down. I’m glad you picked up on it though.

  • Muthsarah

    Finally, the long-awaited Egghead appearence!

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Nooo – it’s man-bat. ^^

      • KLLRFRST

        It’s obviously going to be a Kite-Man, Crazy Quilt, and Ten-Eyed Man team-up.


    In #3, the eyes of the guy going to jump does the same thing Helena does, meaning that he copied her powers. She could have seen that and assumed that he was just jumping to escape and would survive the fall like she does.

    In #7, Helena had barely enough time to get out of the room, much less time to pick the killer up and make it out in time. Plus, since the lock mechanism would be on side of the door inside the room (as with most doors), Helena couldn’t really lock him out. Since he was stumbling to get up from the floor with 3 seconds to spare, it’s a moot point anyway.

    All your other points are pretty airtight, though.

    • Solkir

      For #3, If what you say is true, then that would be Huntress allowing him to get away to kill again, and then we’d have even more deaths for which she’s responsible

      In #7 she stops him though. Invisible guy was running for the door and she kicked him to the ground to stop him. Then she held the door closed so he couldn’t get out.

      • KLLRFRST

        If that was the case for #3, Helena’s options were pretty much let him jump and escape or let him jump and die. She could have fought him right there, but most likely some of the other metahumans might have gotten injured or killed in the battle.

        As for #7, Oracle didn’t specify that her gadget was going to be permanent or work for very long, and Helena had to deal with both stopping him from running away and trying to get out before the device went off. If the device’s effect was temporary and he got away, the killer would be back to looking for former classmates to kill.

        I’m not saying that Helena was right in letting these criminals die, but sometimes when you’re a tight situation, you don’t always think clearly and see all your options when the thing most on your mind is staying alive and keeping bystanders from getting slaughtered.

        (Also, it seems weird that something as simple as a shut door was able to stop a deadly toxic gas from escaping. Then again, this is Gotham, so maybe the school chemistry lab was built airtight in case of a chemical attack, which probably happens every other week from Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, or The Joker.)

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        Oh, ain’t that quaint? So, Huntress – in your opinion – can’t win.
        If that guy jumped from the roof and died – HER FAULT- because she didn’t stop him.
        If that guy jumped from the roof and continued to kill -HER FAULT- because, she didn’t stop him.

        “Ordeal by water” anyone?

        Plus – there is a logical fallacy in your “deduction” of “sins of the Mother”.
        You say that Black Canary is dead. 100% surely dead.
        But – as you say: This is visual medium. Only that, what you are seeing, is counting.

        If that is true, then allow me to ask: Where is Black Canary?
        Was she turned to ashes by the explosion?
        Hardly, if you think, that Hawke was just lying a couple of meters away and just got severe burnings.
        So, even if Black Canary had not survived, why wasn’t there a body to be found? At least – we didn’t hear or see about a body being found and if in a visual medium only that is counting what you are seeing, then… was there no body of Black Canary.

        Where is the body then?
        Burnt to ashes? Hardly.
        So that supports the conclusion that she is still alive and well and in hiding.

        • Solkir

          Obviously a body was found. Otherwise they wouldn’t have declared her dead. I went over this in the video

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Oh – and where do they say it in the episode? Because by your logic, only that, that was seen ON CAMERA happened.

          • Solkir

            But we can logically infer that there was a body. As I said, they state numerous times that Canary is dead. If this is the case, one of three things is true. A: they looked, and found her body. B: They looked and found no body (in which case they’re idiots for declaring someone dead with no proof). Or C: they didn’t look at all and just assumed, making them even more incompetent than in option B.

            All of which I pointed out in the video.

            I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt here. Despite everything we’ve seen, they’re not stupid enough to declare one of the most prolific metahuman crimefighters dead without proof, nor would they stop searching for their friend (Dinah’s mother) until they found her.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Yeah, concerning them “stating someone dead”….

            they state, that Murdoc is dead, every time McGyver “killed” him – and he appears couple of episodes later. And that guy (in order of appearance) died in a collapsing building, exploded in a truck, fell off a cliff, was electrocuted and fell into a swimming pool (through flames), and fell of a cliff again with a car, that exploded. And that is just McGyver – a show RELATIVELY realistic.

            THIS is Birds of Prey – a superhero crime show.
            Don’t you think, that if Black Canary wanted to disappear again, she would find a way? And concerning that they may or may not find a body: Again, I point towards McGyver. Because they never found the body of Murdoc.

            Plus: Your sentence alone makes the whole “Black Canary is 100 % Dead thing” null and void. You say – and I’m thankful, that you uttered that sentence- “Only what we see on camera happens.”

            They didn’t show us, that they found the body, so – they didn’t find the body.

            Concerning the “declaring someone dead without proof” – let me point you again
            towards Murdoc and towards Sherlock Holmes. Did Watson find the body of Holmes at Reichenbachfall? If no then – Watson must be an idiot, because he didn’t find someone, didn’t he?

          • Solkir

            You seem to be intentionally misunderstanding my point about what we see on screen. Not surprising, since you do that a lot with me. There’s a thing called implication, in which a show hints at something without explicitly showing us. If your bastardized version of my words was the case, we could say that the characters don’t eat, or use the toilet because we never have scenes showing it. Shows don’t typically feel the need to do that, because we can logically assume that the characters have all the normal bodily functions of humans.

            In this case, we can determine that three crimefighters would use every method at their disposal to find Black Canary. Unlike with Holmes, there’s nowhere for her body to go. No one can reasonably expect it to be smashed apart on rocks and pulled downriver. Watson had no way of finding Holmes’ body, so the most logical deduction was that he was killed. In this case, them having not found the body would have been unusual, they would have mentioned it. But they didn’t, so we can determine that they found her body as they expected they would.

            Also, Canary has no reason to go into hiding anymore. Either she would assume that Hawke was no threat to anyone (being in police custody) and reveal herself, or she thought he’d still come after her and went into hiding. If the latter is true, did she conveniently forget that Hawke knows Dinah is her daughter? If he can’t have Canary, why would she think he wouldn’t go after the next closest thing? She’d be protecting herself, by putting her child in danger.

            But I’m sure you’ll ignore everything I just said and leave another rant using an argument that I already discredited. Why change up the formula?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Ohhh, someone is pissed. ^^

            Yes, there is something like “implying”, but don’t you think that finding a body
            would be something, that you REALLY should show, instead of just “assuming
            that they found it”?

            We can’t determine, that they found the body – because of course the body could’ve gone somewhere.

            For example: Imagine if a part of the roof comes down and knocks a hole in the
            ground, which Canarys Body would fall in. Imagine if the explosion had blown her out of a window – perhaps through one of the opposite side of the birds? Imagine if she canary-cried a hole in the ground, through that she could vanish?

            One more thing: Do we know that all of the birds went in, accompanied by Reese?

            No. Would it furthermore be a smart thing, to lead a woman, who just lost her mother in a possible crime scene? No.

            We have no evidence, that there is a Body to be found, furthermore don’t we have SOLID evidence, that Canary is dead – namely because of the reasons I already pointed out.

            Canary wanted to go into hiding.

            She has no reason, you say? Mhm, sure. No other people from Hawkes organisation, that would kill her, if she’d be appearing publicly – and don’t forget: Dinah herself is safe.

            This is not really Dinahs fight, she is safe with the Birds – that is something that does not count for Canary.

            It IS her fight, she is wounded right now, so she’d need time, so she goes into hiding.

            If people would be attacking the Birds, they’d be defeated.

  • Alexa

    Oh Clone High, you were cut off way too soon ={

  • Dani(elle)

    Putting it out there, I was mentally high fiving you when you put the plural on the big G. Represent!

  • Jasper Jones

    I feel like maybe this show wanted Huntress to be kinda like Batman in the whole “no killing” thing. Kinda like that scene where Batman doesn’t kill but doesn’t save Ras Al Ghoul in Batman Begins. Like she doesn’t kill them, but she doesn’t save them, either.

    Not intentionally like that scene as the show came out before that movie, but still. That sorta feeling to it could have been their intention. That or like how disney movies kill most of the villains, but it’s usually the villain’s own fault in the end.

    But… this show is totally not how that works. For that to work, the bad guy has to put themselves in that situation. Here, the Huntress puts them in that situation and then lets them die. Which is murder. Definitely murder. I don’t know how any writer gets that so backwards.