VIDEO: Birds of Prey “Primal Scream”

The Huntress goes undercover for some reason, and Sybil talks about the importance of a good intro.

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TV Show: Birds of Prey

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  • Kevin Rusley

    Wow, when I made my look-back video on this show a few years ago, I didn’t realize I was letting it off easy. I basically posited that a few minor modifications to the basic premise could’ve turned it into something more exciting. But looking at it now, it’s just so willfully bad. It’s like the show’s mission statement was little more than “Fill an hour of television”.

  • Killian Mitchell

    I only ever saw the show on dvd so when I heard “revolution” playing, I was shocked. That’s such a better song. I wouldn’t say it would have made me like the show more, but it was still a better song. Even though the lyrics don’t match the show at all. Unless they were trying to make a joke about how nobody on the show ever seems to be up in the morning? Like maybe somebody thought they were being clever.

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    I watched both versions of the show. One in the early 2000s – Saturday, before Smallville, which I didn’t watch, because that was a borefest to me. It later got good, during Season 3, but Season 1 was so painfuly for me to watch, and I’m sure, if the CW had given Birds of Prey the exact same chance as smallville, we would be having a show as long as smallville – I mean, it is not as if Smallville was that intelligent of a show. To be honest – quite the contrary. The characters are as moronic as on Birds of Prey – and yet the Birds went into an early grave, while Smallville is now continued in comic-book-form.

    Like I said, I watched both versions of the show. The one on TV with “Start a revolution” and the one on DVD with “This is my remedy” and – although Solkir already called persons, who would say, that they thought that the alternative song would be a good substitute a “contradict” – by the way, right term would be “contrarian” – I have to be perfectly honest and cannot wholeheartedly say “Yeah, the Start a revolution” is that much better.

    “Start a revolution” – well, the only way, it makes sense is, if the producers really hoped, that BoP would get more seasons and there would be some revolution coming up, between the metas and the “normals”.
    And they should have continued the show.

    Concerning the episode:

    I’m not working in the legal department nor am I american, so let me ask you this.
    Is it THAT simple in your country to go to a judge, say “Hey, during a robbery, a couple of motorbikes were used and some motorbikes, who look like the ones, used during this robbery, are standing in front of a warehouse, so I reckon that those guys are one and the same, could you give me a search warrant, please?”

    Concerning your “Helena kills people”-stick:

    A) Rees’s pal was injured, but did not die. Not even in the next episode. That’s the information handed to you by this and the next episode. So – she did not kill anyone.
    B) She actively stopped Reese from trying to kill the leader of that ring.
    C) Let’s re-examine your “The birds are killers”-thingie you have going there, shall we?
    Episode 1) Guy dies, because Helena had to defend herself. Yeah – cleaaaaaaarly her fault.
    Episode 2) Guy dies, because Helena had to defend Reese. Again. CLEAAAAAARLY her fault.
    Episode 3) Guy dies, because he JUMPED OF A FRAKKING ROOFTOP in order to kill himself. CLEAAARLY HER FAULT. Again: he WANTED to die. You cannot blame Helena for that. What should she have done? Again – jump after him? that would be extremely stupid.
    Episode 4) “Guy” dies because of old age.
    Episode 5) No one dies in this episode. Black Canary? Hawke? Hawke survived and Black Canary might have used that point to vanish again. But – okay let’s say Black Canary died. Again, not via actions of the Birds.
    Episode 6) No one dies in this episode. That Cop-Pal of Reese is severely injured, yes, but no one died.

    • Muthsarah

      “I’m not working in the legal department nor am I american, so let me ask you this.
      it THAT simple in your country to go to a judge, say “Hey, during a
      robbery, a couple of motorbikes were used and some motorbikes, who look
      like the ones, used during this robbery, are standing in front of a
      warehouse, so I reckon that those guys are one and the same, could you
      give me a search warrant, please?”

      There’s some variability, but it’s usually pretty simple for a police officer to get a search warrant. All they have to do is state they have probable cause that something (or someone) criminal would be found there. Same as when they pull a car over and want to search it. They can say “I thought I smelled marijuana” or “the driver seemed like he was hiding something”, or even acting on second-hand information, and nine times out of ten, the cop’s not getting in any trouble for searching the vehicle (even if nothing incriminating is found). Now, if an officer wants to search a private building, they have to have a reason to suspect that certain place – seeing two motorbikes outside a warehouse matching those used in a robbery would probably be enough – and put these claims and observations in writing (an affidavit) for a judge to review before issuing the warrant. It’s safest for the officer to also have somebody else saying they saw/heard something likely-criminal pointing to that place, but they can still get the warrant even if they’re going it alone. Obviously, if they find nothing, they have to answer for it, but they tend to get a lot of leeway. Unless something terrible happens as a direct result of a failed search, they’ll probably be fine.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        Yikes – sounds not very comforting to me. That means, that this cop just needs to say “Oh, I think, he is up to something” and wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am they can arrest you? Wow…

        • Muthsarah

          Depends. If you’re in public, yeah, you can be searched or even arrested based on the officer’s suspicion that you have done/are doing something illegal. The officer has to justify the arrest after the fact in order to A) get the suspect officially charged within 72 hours (usually) and B) during any eventual trials, but probable cause can include a lot of things. You can be arrested based on the suspicion that you are carrying drugs or an illegal weapon, and if it turns out you are, you’re gonna get charged and the officer isn’t gonna get in trouble, even if the officer was only acting on a hunch or a rumor. EDIT: I should stress that this is how these things tend to be applied, not how the law is written. You’re supposed to have a strong suspicion before you arrest someone, and you’re not supposed to be able to only use evidence found after the arrest, but that’s not how these things often go. It always comes down to proving the arresting officer had probable cause, and that’s always going to be partially subjective.

          It’s trickier if the officer has to go into your house or some other private building, though. Technically, he/she wouldn’t NEED a warrant, but without one, the justification needs to be even stronger (and the officer/prosecutor would also need to prove that the time spent getting a warrant would allow the suspects to get away and/or commit their planned crime), and the officer is more likely to get in trouble if nothing is found. Even if the officer finds something incriminating during a warrantless search, it could be ruled as inadmissable evidence in any eventual trial if the defense can make a case that probable cause wasn’t established.

          Again though, the events depicted in this episode would make it easy for the officer to get a search warrant, especially as he’s in no great hurry to get in there. If he can call in The Huntress and wait for her to infiltrate the gang, he can find a judge, and a written statement containing observations of the motorbikes matching those seen used by the robbers should be enough to convince a judge that they can safely sign off on it. Also, the bar/club seems to be a regular hangout, so the gang isn’t likely to go anywhere for a few hours.

  • JamSanJose

    So I only saw some of these episodes when the show was on. I really dig your reviews though. What is the song you play at the beginning of these? I actually kind of like it.

    • Solkir

      It’s from the Birds of Prey episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Lyrics by Gail Simone (which is why it’s awesome.)

      • Jay_Bay

        Gail Simone wrote that? I now feel bad about hating on it initially.

  • J.O

    Doesn’t that detective guy play an agent on Criminal Minds?