VIDEO: Birds of Prey “Lady Shiva”

An enemy from Barbara Gordon’s past returns for revenge, in the worst episode (so far… again!) of an already awful series.

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TV Show: Birds of Prey

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  • Jay_Bay

    You know, at one point, when does it move from “I’m sorry” to “you fucking watch this shit, and know my pain”.

    Also, “unique Chinese throwing star”. Wow, just….wow.

    Also also, Batgirl looks a bit like well Batgirl as Batgirl. And Shiva looked like something Lady Copperhead would wear.

    The Hunt….that rhymes with that C word.

    • jjramsey

      The Hunt….that rhymes with that C word.


      • Jay_Bay


    • CaptainCalvinCat

      hey, Jay_Bay, you watched “Rush”, eh? “Name’s HUNT, that rhymes with C….”
      ‘kay, concerning the episode: Yeah, who would install a gas line outside the house. That would be completely stupid… oh wait:
      You CAN install it on the outside…

      And by the way:

      Let’s re-examine your “The birds are killers”-thingie you have going there, shall we?
      Episode 1) Guy dies, because Helena had to defend herself. Yeah – cleaaaaaaarly her fault.
      Episode 2) Guy dies, because Helena had to defend Reese. Again. CLEAAAAAARLY her fault.
      3) Guy dies, because he JUMPED OF A FRAKKING ROOFTOP in order to kill
      himself. CLEAAARLY HER FAULT. Again: he WANTED to die. You cannot blame
      Helena for that. What should she have done? Again – jump after him? that
      would be extremely stupid.
      Episode 4) “Guy” dies because of old age.
      5) No one dies in this episode. Black Canary? Hawke? Hawke survived and
      Black Canary might have used that point to vanish again. But – okay
      let’s say Black Canary died. Again, not via actions of the Birds.
      Episode 6) No one dies in this episode. That Cop-Pal of Reese is severely injured, yes, but no one died.

      Sooo – again: Your whole reasoning is not based on very solid arguments.

      • jjramsey

        We’ve been over this before. The problem is not that the Birds of Prey have killed. The problem is that the writers keep having the Birds preach an absolutist “Thou Shalt Not Kill” — one that doesn’t even leave much if any room for the kind of justifiable homicides that you’ve mentioned — that they obviously don’t even try to live up to.

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          What you seem to forget: It is nice to have principles, even an absolutist “You shall not kill” – but when push comes to shove, when you are under attack by someone, who wants to kill you, those principles … they won’t protect your live.

          So in plain english: in the first two situations I mentioned, they had little to no course of alternative action.
          It was either them or their attacker.
          So – yeah, obviously “you should not go around and kill people, but when it is you or your attacker, it is obviously not your attacker, because that would be extremely stupid.”
          So, that takes care of the first two cases – Huntress was DEFENDING herself or Reese.
          So – does Huntress kill a person in episode three?

          No. the bad guy committed suicide. Plain and simple.

          Episode 4? The “Guy”-character dies of old age. Nothing, the Birds could have done there.
          No one dies in the fifth episode.
          Even if Reeses cop pal would have died in Episode 6 – which he didn’t, as we learn per next episode – Huntress did not kill him. If anything, she prevented Reese from killing the guy, that tried to kill the cop-pal.
          In the Shiva-Episode, Huntress does not kill Lady Shiva, nor does anyone else.

          So, yeah – basically: it is really fair from Solkir to make up a theme, in which the Birds are ruthless killers, when they … don’t kill ruthlessly.

  • Jay_Bay

    ….so yep. This episode. I thought I wasn’t ready, and upon all the information on why the writers of this episodes didnt bother with a basic effort of continuity and research. If you was a fan of ANY of these characters…why are you watching the show? What makes this even worst is, on the basic level, this was a “meh” episode. It only hurts when you give any sort of thought into it. So there was no uproar when this came out. This probably wouldn’t fly in our current time, so hooray for progress.

    Then again, it probably be because of how they fucked up Barb more than anything.

  • Alexa

    Oh god just realized five episodes, including this one were produced by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the guys who would make Lost and Once Upon a Time. No wonder this show and this episode especially is fucking awful. Granted Once Upon a Time is a way bigger train wreck than Lost, and both aren’t as horrible as this show. But still awful writing and ideas are still awful writing and ideas, just they’re on different levels from each other.

  • Han zi, is pronounced Han Zih, not Han Zee. One of the few things I remember from taking Chinese. Also, a throwing star right in the forehead is hilarious.

    • Solkir

      Huh. I’ve only ever seen the word written. Thanks for letting me know.

      • Pinyin was created by non-American English and French speakers to be a quasi-phonetic translation tool, it is not perfect and much like everything else in common use, it would be replaced if it were not so deeply entrenched.

  • The_Stig

    Words cannot express the stupidity of this episode and the series as a hole, but you’ve got to admit, Dinah using her telepathic powers to try and get laid is kind of realistic.

    • Solkir

      It’s also kinda date-rapey and she never suffers any consequences for her actions.

  • $36060516

    Haven’t gotten very far in the video, but you mention in passing this is the worst comic book based TV show to make it to air. I dunno… Have you ever watched “Night Man,” based on a Malibu / Marvel comic? It features a superhero whose “day job” is as a jazz saxophone soloist in a small jazz club, and he hides his superhero activities by leaving a hologram of himself playing his live performances, and no one ever notices that it’s a recording.

    • Solkir

      Idk. That looks kind of amazing!

      • $36060516

        You can’t judge a show on one bare chest!

    • I actually liked that show as a kid, it came on with “Hercules” on Saturday afternoons.