VIDEO: Birds of Prey “Gladiatrix”

A man starts drugging women and exploiting them for his own gratification. Not in the way you’re imagining, though.

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TV Show: Birds of Prey

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  • Alexa

    They also did this same kind of scenario on JL:TAS, and yeah Huntress and Black Canary duke it out, after they take down the organization, and we don’t even see it. For some odd reason they made Black Canary and Huntress hate each other on that show, its never really explained or explored, nor do they have an episode where they get to know each other and get along. They just meet one episode and kind of have this contempt for one another for the rest of the series, even though yeah they were friends in the comics. Its part of the one big flaw with JL:TAS, a majority of the female superheroes were pretty catty towards each other. It was kind of bizarre :/

    I guess the one good thing about BoP was that the characters while extremely flawed and well very unlikable knew the importance of getting along, sometimes.

    • Sean Tadsen

      Looking up Huntress, she and Black Canary do have a bit of history in JL:U. Apparently, Black Canary and Green Arrow stopped Huntress from killing her parents’ murderer, which got her kicked out of the League. And then they chased after her for a while. So there is a reason for hostility. Continuity! It’s a wonderful thing.

      • Alexa

        Yeah but I just thought it weird that the writers wrote a scenario where they were hostile towards each other, but then never really gave them a chance to resolve said hostility. Would have been nice that they became friends in the show *shrugs*

        • Sometimes people just hate each other, and they never get over it. First impressions count for a lot.

          • Alexa

            Yeah, but it was just weird. I wanted some female comraderie, and that show was kind of lacking in that department. Even Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman had some animosity towards each other. The only two girls that got along were Fire and Ice, and well they were background characters.

          • You probably already know this. Go watch “Young Justice”. I actually prefer it to “Justice League” at this point and it has the best female and minority characters in animation (or at least shows that don’t have “Avatar” somewhere in their title).

          • Alexa

            Oh yeah I loved that show, it definitely had a great cast of female characters that were better developed in many respects to JL:TAS. Its too bad it got cancelled before it got really good. I especially loved Miss Martian, she was an awesome character.

  • Kevin Rusley

    I’d say they ran out of good ideas by this point, but I’m not convinced they had any good ones to begins with.

  • Jay_Bay

    Holy shit. I thought you tapped out on this Pandemic. But surprise, surprise, it is here. So let us consume.

    Also, so that one alley where all the crime seems to happen in, would be a….CRIME ALLEY! Huh, huh….I just be over there.

  • Animikean

    I hate it when real life proves itself as stupid as Birds of Prey.
    C’mon humanity be better than this!


    Is that Dot-Marie Jones (aka Coach Beiste on Glee) @3:54?