VIDEO: Birds of Prey “Feat of Clay”

After all the people she’s killed, imagine what the Huntress will do to someone who’s actually wronged her directly. Find out in the penultimate episode of Birds of Prey.

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TV Show: Birds of Prey

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  • JackFlack’sJacket

    As I have with the rest of the series, I enjoyed your recap, and look forward to the next. I almost wish that it had limped into a 2nd season so I’d have more than one more to look forward to, but I think there might be something in the Geneva Convention that prohibited it. Oh, well.

  • Muthsarah

    At what point in this series did Harley cease being even barely relevant?

    • Solkir

      That question shall be answered in the next episode

      • The_Stig

        Yeah what the smeg happened to Harley anyway? The credits and the pilot insinuated she was gonna be this big bad, but all we got were a bunch of lame villains-of-the-week. It could have been cool if Harley’d used them to form some Legion of Doom-type thing to make life hell for the Birds of Prey except Helena killed them all with the exception of Clayface here. This show was one giant botched opportunity.

        • Solkir

          Huh, and here I was thinking I was so clever. But I guess everyone can kinda see the major issues at play in Birds of Prey

  • mamba

    Birds did what far too make “lower” budget shows and even some movies do…try to outreach their budget on characters. Really now, there should be a sign outside the producer’s office that says “If you can’t afford it, then don’t try to do it”, because it always comes across just insulting to the fans!

    You pointed it out perfectly…they have HUNDREDS of characters they can shoose from and most of them don’t even NEED special effects to pull off (top of head: Riddler, Penguin, Scarface, hell if you want a shapeshifter, go with a mask-wearer like Nemesis of Chameleon) but they insist that they pick the one that they know they can’t do just because someone demanded it. Especially since they already have Harley Quinn and that’s just some makeup to make it work like cannon! sheesh…

    The new S.H.I.E.L.D. show at least knows it’s limits and saves up for the good ones. They know they can’t afford a true “gravaton” character becasue the entire city would be rubble, so they give us a gravity-based weaponman. They can’t afford all of ASGARD, so we get reasonably-good Lorelei and the exact same Sif we’ve seen in the movies.

    I remember when the first Knight rider reboot came out or the Bionic Woman and I was excited because the effects were great. Then I realized that it was ALL in the pilot and every show afterwards was saddening. So if they knew they couldn’t keep up the quality, then why even try and tease us?

    Great review on the series BTW, enjoying it all, agree on Huntress, and can’t wait for the nest project series.


    I never understood why they swapped out Black Canary and replaced her with a psychic daughter that never existed in or out of comics. I guess Dinah’s powers were less CGI intensive (and therefore cheaper), and it made script writing easier. (“How will Helena find out all this stuff from the bad guys? I know, let’s just say that Dinah read their minds!”)

    Also, “You fucked her in the clocktower” sounds like some really filthy thing you’d only see in a Sasha Grey porno.

    • Solkir

      The original idea was for Dinah to be a young Black Canary, whom Oracle and Huntress would mentor. Fans didn’t like that idea much, so the showrunners changed her to be Black Canary’s daughter, and gave her psychic powers that were only used to any effect once.

      • KLLRFRST

        That decision wasn’t any less stupid. At least Arrow finally got Black Canary right. (Smallville had an okay version, but they didn’t do much with her).

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