VIDEO: Birds of Prey “Devil’s Eyes” (series finale!)

In the explosive series finale, Birds of Prey comes dangerously close to quality!

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TV Show: Birds of Prey
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  • Jay_Bay

    Well, here we are. The last one. It’s all over after thi….whoa. Dafuq was that?

    Wait….did Harley just…she just…that was the easiest villain grabbing info from the “hero” I have ever seen. God Lords, just splatting it out there. Yes, Helena was under hypnosis and all that, but you would think they have the actress make some sort of struggling motions, especially when she’s about to blah EVERYTHING THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO HIDE!

    Ok…, how does Harley get enough cout to be a licensed, anything since shes like the Joker’s girl the whole time?

    Tatu? Fuck yeah!!!

    • Solkir

      Oh no, Helena gave out all that information before Harley got mind control powers. That was purely incompetence.

      • Jay_Bay

        I…….I just…..I can’t even. My hand cannot embedded itself in my face hard enough.


      Still could have been hypnosis. Some therapists use it on their patients, and Harley was a full-fledged psychiatrist.

  • Muthsarah

    K, so, Harley-wise espcially, picking up on our incredibly brief correspondence in the last review: Do you think this episode, in any meaningful way, picked up on its predecessors, or was it just a bizarre one-off? It feels, from your…well…words, that this might as well have been a second pilot. Clear villain, clear (-ish) agenda, good guys acting like sane human beings (/metas) who give a damn, some sorta resolution (I assume). Decent action, decent use of music. No serious complaints, other than with how inconsistent is it with earlier, lesser, episodes.

    Hell, could one just watch this episode and skip all the others, and be none the poorer for it?

    And…well…legitimate nitpick or not…? This Harley didn’t feel like even 10% Harley. Harley’s gotta have presence. Gotta have fun. Gotta have a sparkle in her eye, a lilt in her voice, a too-easy grin on her face, and a gratuitous shine on her teeth. This just wasn’t Harley. A blonde badgirl who wears black and red.does not a Harley make. Just as Mistah J wouldn’t fit unless he was having some sort of compulsive, over-the-top fun no matter what he was doing, Harley just seemed like a rather bland baddie here. Coulda been worse, I guess, but I’m still very disappointed to see this extremely poor representation of her. I’m not, like, remotely a comics fan, but I know Harley from TAS. And I LOVE Harley, from TAS. If there’s one thing (I feel)) I know, it’s her. This ain’t her.

    P.S. t.A.T.u….God, that takes me back, to an incredibly bland time. Fins de siecles are supposed to be interesting. But mine…’twas not fated to be.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      I’d say, this is a more “sane” version of Harley. Oh, don’t get me wrong, she’s still a case for the nutter (as you say it, I believe), but she is not that over the top – which is…. and we have to be fair here…. very much in tone of this show.

      It is a comic book show, but a much more toned down version of it – which is understandable, considering how the last full blown over the top cartoonish bright light neon flashing Batman movie “killed the franchise” – and still I prefer Batman and Robin in all its glory over the first Batman of the Nolan trilogy.

      But the majority didn’t like it, so they tried to tone it down.
      The result: Birds of Prey.

      A show, that I still can like, even after Solkir pointed out how bad and stupid and incompetent and you-name-it was…. and I still play the “taste”-card and say “Know what? I don’t care. I will answer your videos, trying to point out that the things you pointed out are not THAT bad to really NOT enjoy the show and that – all in all – it is still a more enjoyable watch than Smallville season 1 and 2 or – from a completely different franchise: Stargate:Universe.”

      Plus – sometimes we are just viewing stuff rather differently.
      take the “Helena is a vicious killer”-stick, that Solkir has running. I still disagree with it.

      let me put it this way:

      When I watched the first minutes of the first episode of Smallville – I was really interested.
      And then it came down to a crashing halt – and when I later rewatched the pilot episode, my interest for the first season still came down to a crashing halt.

      Not so with Birds of Prey.
      It was a show, that was always on, when they aired it (which is no difficulty, they aired it on Saturday).
      But this show never felt boring to me.

      Let me again bring up Stargate – which is another franchise, that didn’t feel boring to me until they made “Universe”.
      Why? Well, one part of the entertainment – for me – is fun.
      SG:1 had fun, SG:A had fun, Birds of Prey had fun, B&R had fun, Smallville (Season 3 – 10) had fun – even Star Trek: Into Darkness or Star Trek:Nemesis (two of the most hated entries to the franchise) had their moments of fun – neither of those did it self take super-seriously.
      Batman begins was no fun, Stargate:Universe was no fun, Smallville (Season 1 and 2) were not that much fun, Man of Steele did not look like it would have much fun and I’m afraid that this new movie with Wondy/Bats/Supes won’t be that much fun either.

      • Muthsarah

        Toned-down, sure. Make her less goofy, less dotty, less gangster’s moll-y. Fine. But keep SOME sort of the original’s spark. This character…give her another name. Sally….Blondenson. Whatever. Would watching Dr. Sally Blondenson here even make you THINK of Harley? I don’t think a single thing I’ve seen her do here suggests she’s even based on Harley. At least when they got Joker to sorta-cameo, they got someone to laugh (the single-best person, in fact).

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          Does the fact, that her name is “Harleen Quinzel” count as “suggesting, that she’s based on Harley”?

          See – for me it is relatively simple: The thing is named X, so it is X.
          This character is named “Harley Quinn” – so, she’s Harley Quinn.
          The character is named “Batman” – so he’s Batman.
          Character X behaves in scenery Y in way Z in movie a? Well, that’s the way he behaves in said movie.
          It makes sense from a narration standpoint? Great. So no OOC here.

          I’m really tolerant until – yeah… until they really screw something up.

          • Muthsarah

            “Does the fact, that her name is ‘Harleen Quinzel’ count as ‘suggesting, that she’s based on Harley’?”

            Uhhhh…yeah. I know she’s SUPPOSED to be Harley. But she doesn’t come off remotely like Harley. Just a blonde villain from a Batman-ish TV series.

            I accept death of the author. I don’t accept death of the character. Not A) when they’re NOTHING like the character, and B) when I liked the original character. Revisionism is fine, but keep at least SOME of what people liked about them, at least. You wanna make a Batman who kills people sometimes (like in the Burtons)? Fine. That makes sense. As long as he’s still otherwise Batman-y, and is still a good guy who only kills bad guys when the situation kinda warrants it. You wanna create a character called “The Joker”, but have him neither look nor act like The Joker….no. That’s just stealing a popular character’s name and affixing it to someone completely different.

    • Solkir

      Mia Sara wasn’t that great as Harley, but she was easily the best part of the series for me. She’s fun to watch if nothing else.


    About Huntress spilling everyone’s secrets to Harley:

    Harley is a licensed therapist, and some of them use hypnosis. Perhaps she used that on Helena? Or Harley already had the mind control powers, and the part where she gets the powers was shown out of sequence, like “Harley used mind control powers on Huntress to get her to talk, and now here’s how she got them!”.

    Or Huntress is just really bad at concealing her identity (She doesn’t even wear a mask! Did her mom and dad teach her nothing?)

    • Solkir

      All she did was say “close your eyes and answer without thinking.” Even if Harley is her therapist, that’s still a massive breach of trust to give out the personal information of your colleagues and their loved ones. And I’m pretty sure the events happen in the order I described them. She didn’t have the crazy eyes yet.

  • Alexa

    Thank you in regards to that comment about Agents of SHIELD which I believe was always good from the start, and just got even better as things progressed. It wasn’t perfect but is was NEVER as bad as something like this show, and I was really confused after watching it and reflecting on people who kept saying it sucked before I did such. All the characters were likable, the world of the show was big and expansive to which lent to some really fun adventures, and it had Bill fucking Paxton. What more could you want =)

    Really maybe this show would have been way more watchable if it had Bill fucking Paxton. Who knows…