VIDEO: BioShock Infinite (2013)

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Sofie reviews the third installment in the BioShock series.

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  • Guest

    I thought you were dome making videos. Not saying anything bad mind you, but I thought most people of the Booth stopped making videos.

  • Sam Raimi

    I thought you were done making videos. Not saying anything bad mind you, I just thought most of you on the Booth quit making videos.

    • Sofie Liv


      Oh no, I still mainly make videos, I even started to post on youtube alongside blip.

      Thing just is I have been kind of sick and there’s happened a shit ton of stuff in my life the last month so I didn’t have the time for videos, but as you can see i’m back now 🙂

      And well, Vlogs, updates and so on in video form will probably be exclusively on my youtube channel from now one, which is right here.

      • danbreunig

        And just as bright as ever. Glad to see you’re better now–the fact we’re seeing this video is proof that some computer issues are fixed (?) I think this one of your best social analyses ever, all tucked away into a quaint gaming review.

        • Sofie Liv

          Thanks, I know I was kind of prodding to the fire here, and I guess that’s why I havn’t gotten so many reviews in spite of this game actually being quite requested… I mean look at this, basically no reviews at all in spite of people saying they were so looking forward to this, tsk.

          Of course I spend WAY more time on the extremism spectrum than I needed to, especially considering all of that does mostly just serve as a backdrop to the actual story… which Bookers and Elizabeths personal story, and most of all it’s just a “Could have been.” scenario if Booker had taken a different path in life earlier, so it’s more about the potential his choices has or could have than it’s about extremism… it’s just a backdrop and not nearly as interesting as Andrew Ryans philosophies, pretty straight forward.

          How ever, these rantings I gave just plays so well into so many things that piss’s me off in the real world right here and now.
          We are talking about the anti vaxxers, the extremists in video gamer reviewers on both end of the spectrums, extremist feminists, homo-phobics, racists ALL of that! I am so bloody tired of it, and I feel this “Anti thinking.” mindset is behind all of it.

          It’s like a person is coming along saying. “THIS IS IT! You don’t think, this is the answers, if you say something else I’M GONNA SHOOT YOU!”

          And I am sick and tired off it, with ALL of the above mentioned issues.

          I am tired of people thinking because it’s right for them it’s right for me, I can fully admit there are some things which are right for me, which is just not right for other people, or other women, because we are different! We are different people!

          So yeah, all these things takes up A LOT in my mind these days.

          And Computer? Oh yeah, insurance money and I now owe my parents some money… sigh.
          Well, I do hate owing money to people, also my parents, but at least there wont be any interests in the re-paying!

      • Sofie Liv

        All though, if you have any wish’s for articles from me I would like to hear the suggestion, I do lack some article material for the site.

        • danbreunig

          You have enough strong social commentary articles to last a while, so my own article suggestion is something much more light and sunny: a written recap on last year’s two-part season 4 finale of Friendship Is Magic–because there was a LOT of stuff going on there that made the season (series?) go out with a bang. Yes, I know you don’t do those anymore, but I’m suggesting it for the five fans who did read those, and for closure’s sake–you may as well finish what was started, and with such an article you can go out with a bang yourself with the FIM pieces. Closure, Livy, CLOSURE.

          • Sofie Liv

            Honestly… I liked that season finale fine and all, but I don’t feel like I have so much to say about it.

            I like MLP fine, obviously, but… I know this is going to be a big shocker shaking people to their core. I actually care for Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and TMNT a lot more.
            They have my keener interest and attention when they are on. MLP is my innocent sweet little past time while waiting for Gravity Falls to come back on.
            Gravity Falls currently is;


            And for Anime I currently follow One Piece with a passion, always One Piece, it’s soooo good at the moment.
            Parasyte, and Death Parade so… well.. to be honest. I am more of a casual MLP viewer than anything and don’t feel a need to fill that much out about it.

            Clearly there are tons of other people way more passionate about the show than I am putting a lot of afford into giving it the analysis it deserves.

            I would love to make a more light hearted article about something fun… I am honestly worn thin from so many things in my life, I need light hearted stuff. But what it should be???… I don’t know.

          • danbreunig

            Nothing wrong feeling that way; it’s tricky to keep up with whatever’s TV-current when there may not be much inherent in the shows to hook you individually.

            Case in point: I gave Attack On Titan a chance, heard that it’s deep, will emotionally hook you, has all the classic adventure qualities, can’t go wrong, pure Anime classic. After three, four episodes, I’ve concluded that it’s one I can truly live without and won’t necessarily miss. New representation of what’s been done already, er meh. There’s a whole fanbase potentially wishing to send me a Masters thesis defending it, to whom I say:

            You love it and get something meaningful and enjoyable from it, fine. I wouldn’t wish to take that feeling away from anyone–just please don’t convince me to be a fan of it when I already know first-hand I can’t be, even after giving it a chance.

            Dammit, I’m rambling…

            Never heard of Parasyte or Death Parade. I’ll go on to admit too that I couldn’t get into Adventure Time either, regardless of the qualities pointed out to me. And yet I still have a place in my heart for Dethklok–just ask Mendo. 😉

            As for positive article ideas…FIM was what readily came to mind. Okay, new suggestion–if you won’t, then I shall. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at an unofficial pseudo-recap anyway; why not start there? Also there’s a fanfic idea I’ve had spoofing some particular animation show tropes, primarily when based on character teams.

          • Sofie Liv

            If you don’t like “Attack on Titan.” i doubt you’ll like Parasyte… It’s a lot about the human condition, the nature of human emotions, if we are being kind or if it is just self preservation.
            But is also VERY graphic in the same way Attack on Titan is, there is blood, monsters and ripped off limbs for everybody!
            Basically it’s. “Invasion of the body snatchers.” but played at a bigger psykological ankle. Yup, these parasyte things which landed around on earth, eates human beings and then pose as the human they first consumed.

            Death Parade is just slightly more surreal but still tense and sometimes graphic, it’s about this bar where people come after they have died to be judged.
            The people whom comes has no memory about being dead and had most of their memories wiped, then they are set to play a game, different depending on the episode, with their lifes at stake, as the games go on they gradually get their memories back, the tension in the game rises and these peoples true nature is revealed in order for them to be judged.
            It’s an interesting concept which is mostly well executed and I wonder where they are going to take this city.

            Pscuodo re-cap? … There’s just no reason to do that with things which are already meant to be comedies. And surreal comedies at that like Adventure Time or Gravity Falls.

            Batman is easy to make psuodo stories about like that, because he takes himself SO seriously!
            Gravity Falls already have a sense of self irony, so to parody that… which is already kind of a parody in of itself on a lot of stuff… It just falls flat. And I don’t think it’s for me to write that kind of stuff… I just don’t see it :/

          • danbreunig

            I should clarify: that talk about the pseudo-recap wasn’t about the shows themselves–it was something for *me* to try fanfic-wise (that was my point: “if you won’t, then I shall”), meaning trying an experiment of simply “if I were to try writing an AB-style recap/review, what would it look like, especially if it were a throwback to the early days”? Nothing official, not a submission try-out, just pure fanfic-recap for experiment’s sake. The real trick would be to find enough in that episode that’s pleasantly negative to write something humorous about it, since it’s more good than so-bad-it’s-good. But I still see some regular cartoon tropes/non-tropes in it, so I may comment more on those. More than anything I just want to see those FIM written recaps not go unresolved and have a decent end–so maybe I could give it a try? Wishful wannabe artist thinking.

            As for the other shows listed, I’m still partial to One Piece more than all those others. One series at a time.

            As for positive article ideas…hm…still drawing a blank at the moment.

            As for Bioshock Infinite, what this whole video’s about–my biggest core reaction:
            It’s a pleasant enough twist (I may not get to play this, so I’m okay with the spoilers and twist), and it seems more pliable in a game setting–if this set-up were made as a single movie, it may have fallen into the cracks with others based on the same plot and premise. In game form, having the indefinite levels of exploration and discovery of how and why we’re here with these characters–it feels more like a video-book/novel, one step beyond game and far more steps beyond movie.

            …and Elizabeth reminds me of a kinda-crush I had many years ago :/

          • Sofie Liv

            Yeah, the twist definetely works exactly because it is the LITTERATELY last thing we find out and figure in the game!

            That’s the litterate end! Seriously nothing after that, that is the ending. After you played through the game for.. pff how long does it take. Urhm… 20-30 hours depending on how much exploration you did? It was pretty epic.

            It definetely would NOT have worked in a two hours movie, would need way more time than that for the mystery to really sync in.
            There are a ton of things in this storie which of course doesn’t entirely add up, again because it ends up being over ambetious and you kind of run into the Doctor Who Time travel wibbly wobbly problematics.

            I didn’t even touch upon the finer plot points. There’s the Luttece Twins whom seems to be able to move freely between dimensions having archieved a status of kind of… demi gods. Being able to see all the doors to the dimensions like Elizabeth slowly learns.
            There’s the entire. “Bring the girl wipe out your debt.” thing, which is about Bookers initial assignment being about him bringing Elizabeth to someone whom hired him, but then he changes his mind… then we get to question whether it even was Elizabeth at all they were talking about, but some other action that Booker actually DID already do in the past, now regretting deeply.
            And of course Elizabeth herself being Combstocks “Daughter.” or at least the person Combstock claims to be his daughter and thereby destined to be the next shepherd and leader of Columbia.
            And of course Daisy Fritzroid, a black woman whom is a leader of the resistance and crosses the line from being justiefied unto becoming just another extremist as she kills an innocent little white boy in the name of justice, claiming that boy would just grow up to be like the others if she let him life.
            There’s A LOT of stuff going on here, not all of it adds up, especially as you start on the dimension hopping and people suddenly changes position and so on, suddenly a person whom was alive before is now dead or virsa versa… so it’s a tiny bit confusing at times.

            …. One Piece is the best thing ever…. Takes a while for it to become really good… but when it finally does become good… it becomes soooo good…. I freaking love One Piece <_<

            And articles… dunno yet, we'll see.

        • Your opinion on Marvel’s Agent Carter?

  • MichaelANovelli

    A well-made editorial, as always, Sof. 🙂

    • danbreunig

      “With a name like Sofer’s, it has to be good.”

      • MichaelANovelli

        Now I want to give her a bagel, but she hasn’t put up my new roof, yet. 😉

  • Skylar Zenas Mullins

    to the sexism point; I think the problem is more to do with the marketing of the game not the games actual content. for example as has been pointed out by jim of the jimquisition the cover pulls the fps standard “put the one guy center field while holding big gun” the fact that Elizabeth, who is about as important to the game’s story and gameplay as you can get, is not even on the cover and is sidelined even on the back of the box is rather off-putting for some. a seemingly minor complaint granted but it can feel a little like “oh good grief are we ever going to get over the machismo crap? or at least rein it in a little.” so good game, bad PR.

    your description of the world jumping powers and ending is pretty accurate. the only thing off is that they are not traveling through dimensions, as in one to another, they are traveling to alternate timelines. an easy mistake given that sci-fi has used the word dimension incorrectly for probably the past 90 years or more. however your actual description of how it works is correct.

    actually one could describe this kind of thing with dimensions. the action of moving from one possible timeline to one of the many branching timelines would require you to take the 4th dimension and move it through the 5th dimension or if you wan’t to go to a completely alternate timeline you would need to fold the 5th dimension through the 6th. so it would be movement through dimensions but not moving from one dimension to another which isn’t really a thing. this is all of coarse extremely complicated and confusing I’ve been digging into this stuff for a while and it still is mind boggling. if it peaks your curiosity there is a youtube video called “ten dimensions explained” by a on a channel called Giovanni B that goes into great detail while keeping it simple, or at least as simple as this kinda stuff can be. once you get started in this stuff you can start to feel very much like alice going down the rabbit hole, the things you are beholding are bewildering and confusing but you find yourself bewitched into going ever deeper.

    I honestly have to say that despite what qualms I may have with the game on a mechanical level the fact that it was willing to use the principles of frigging quantum mechanics as a key component in the plot is amazing. not only is it used as a twist for the main characters but also to depict a very intriguing reality that is presented by quantum physics; that there are an infinite number of you that all exist right now and each of them is just as much real as you are. it’s a very humbling thing to realize that not only are you a speck in an vast infinite space but that very infinite space is just one of an infinite number of alternate spaces in their own timeline.

    so often it seems game studios treat their customers like we are a bunch of imbeciles they can just jangle some fancy gun graphics at and go “fwar eh” and we’ll eat it up like mindless zombies. I greatly appreciate that bioshock at least respects our intelligence enough to assume the M label means we can handle something a bit more mentally stimulating.

    • Sofie Liv

      I don’t know how much you have heard about the people calling Infinite out on being sexiest, but there’s been litterately news rapports in television. (of course we are talking Fox news because fox news is stupid.)
      Pointing at the Bioshock franchise specifically for being sexiest and promoting violence against women….. those are the ones I am giving the finger to.

      I just… URGH! YES there are problems in representation of women in lots of fictional medias, but why the HELL do you insist on keeping pointing your gun at the exact places whom are actively trying to DO something about it?!?!
      The Bioshock Franchise has always been a huge positive in trying to work with female representation, in all three games in fact, women played a major part of the world and the plot.

      I am actually not all that interested in the one main character being woman, what I am interested in is seeing entire worlds which has different kind of women incorporated into the world having roles as people so it’s not just the one token woman, but an entire world which has more women in it clearly present.
      That’s what i’m looking for! And what I am so rarely getting in big hollywood movies but IS in fact getting in most modern video games… so what the hell? I don’t know.. it frustrates me!

      Dimension… Timelines… Sorry… It’s… kind of confusing….
      Dimonsion shifting would be like in Star Trek when they travel to the mirror univers right?

      Oh yes, I really like that about the Bioshock franchise, have you noticed have the games actually never spoon fed you the answers or exposition?
      Instead it build up this world, a real fleshed out world with history and stories, with all these different stories from genuine people, characters, hidden all around the place which YOU have to search out by yourself, listen to, and then stick the pieces together by yourself by listened to all these different points of views and personal stories as well as settings that tells stories from the way things has been left.

      It’s the ultimate. “Show don’t tell.” where you get the time to really explore and check things out, to figure out the pieces yourself as the gamer. I talked about that in the review of the first Bioshock game so that’s why I didn’t bring it up here, but I LOVE that aspect!
      I love that the city is its own character with its own story you can go explore on your own, the game doesn’t just cut you off, and it doesn’t just halt midway through to give you a ten minutes cut-scene filled with exposition. The game is actually assuming that you the player would like to THINK for yourself!
      And that really stuck to me as a gaming exsperience it was handled like that, that you litterately start in-medias race with no exposition or large text or anything, the game simply just show you what it’s about, letting YOU discover and explore it, instead of spending cut-scenes telling and spoon feeding.
      MAN I love that! and it’s a mechanic that could only be done in a game, that’s really using the medium itself to its fullest and using what makes the medium unique! It’s great, that’s exactly why game journalists should try this game because it’s NOT a game that secretly wishes it could have been a movie. Nope, it’s a game-game, whom uses the facts that it is a game to its own best advantage 🙂

      • Skylar Zenas Mullins

        well this is a game about sticking it to racists and american supremacists so I wonder why fox new would would be angry at it? tis a mystery we may never know.
        yeah I don’t watch fox news, if I want to see delusional hate filled crazy I can just play multiplayer on call of duty. if this “bioshock is sexist” business got started by fox news it has all the credibility of the voice in my head that tells me to… and it’s now telling me I probably shouldn’t finish that sentence. 😉

        I wasn’t pointing my guns at bioshock, for one thing I don’t have any guns. I was pointing out how marketing and their complete lack of ability to go outside their comfort zone made the games box art and other promotional material appear to be somewhat sexist. at no point did I say the game itself is sexist. it’s rather like how with the movie frozen the trailers made the movie seem about as appealing as watching an animated film by adam sandler but the actual movie turned out to be so good it’s being considered the next lion king. so the promotion of a product does not necessarily reflect or even have anything to do with the quality of the final product.

        while I agree with the whole gender equality is about diversity and integration and in an ideal world we shouldn’t need to even be making the argument for more female main characters but… well let me put it this way; we live in a world where freaking starlord and rocket raccoon got a movie before wonder woman. yes guardians of the galaxy was awesome and even has a bad-ass significant female character, but it still stings like hell that characters so obscure most comic nerds barely knew about them got a major blockbuster movie before the most famous heroine in all comic books and an inspirational symbol for women and feminism the world over. and now that she may finally appear in her first movie it’s as a third wheel in superman and batmans story. something is very wrong with this picture. at this rate Nintendo is more likely to let another super mario bros movie be made before we see a wonder woman movie.

        at least games have more playable female characters these days. heck in indie circles it’s actually much more common, the touhou series is entirely based around female protagonists. and as far as the significant incorporation angle is concerned in dragon age their worlds version of jesus is a woman. I would say it doesn’t get much more integral then that. so yeah I suppose in a weird twist of fate gaming is more progressive then Hollywood.