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  • danbreunig

    0:39–channeling Mister Mendo, are we? [EDIT: see below conversation]

    Hey, don’t beat yourself up (or let others beat you up) because of a simple honest mistake. I never knew of it except for comments elsewhere about “um, you got the company name wrong…” Bioshock could have been produced by Acme and I wouldn’t have noticed. No problems here.

    Besides, an occasional honest mistake is an obligatory charm essential to Dorkness. 🙂

    Getting to your initial core question, about if a property is so deep, substantial, and self-contained that it should warrant a sequel–
    Do you think Bioshock 2 would have fared better if were produced as a spin-off instead?

    This was also my first direct glimpse of the Little Sisters in action and…creepy in and of themselves. Kinda like Limbo.

    Oh by the way–and I know you’re sick of me bringing it up once again, but–
    Thank you for the RSA throwback. <3

    • MichaelANovelli

      Channeling me?

      I don’t get it…

      • danbreunig

        Makes obvious yet also subtle joke/point, gives big double thumbs up, opens mouth into big goofy grin–don’t know about the squinting though, since I can’t see through your shades.

        Kinda like Boother trademark poses from older videos–you had that pose, Sofie did her Puss N Boots face, Renegado sometimes glared straight at the camera with his “can you believe this shit?” surly look, etc.

        • MichaelANovelli

          I……………….honestly don’t remember doing that. Huh…

          • danbreunig

            It wasn’t as common as the wig.

          • Sofie Liv

            Wasn’t any refference either.. Just something I myself do quite often when well, showing a screw up. My own or others.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Bet dan feels REALLY embarrassed right now.

          • danbreunig

            I’m only embarrassed that even when I’m making other points in a post (including a legit one about the actual game), *this* is the only one discussed.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Then our mission is accomplished.

          • danbreunig

            Enjoy it while it lasts. [looks at watch] Time’s up.

    • Sofie Liv

      Anywho, to answer your other question.

      I don’t really know exactly, I can’t tell you that.
      The problem again is that the entirety of rapture itself is an exstension of the person Andrew Ryan and his philosophies in objectivism. (If you watched Mendos reviews of Atlas Shrugged you will kind of get what Objectivism is.)
      Rapture itself is a product of this objectivism put into motion and shows clearly why it would fail.
      It’s just a flawed philosophy that would never ever work in practise.

      Then movies in Sofia Lamb suddenly rambling a ton of things about communism which seems weirdly placed inside of this setting which has… nothing to do with communism at all, so her words has little meaning in the setting and just falls plainly flat, it becomes unremarkable and her goal seems… pretty taken out of no where and vague. There’s to many qeuestions here.

      Apparently Sofia Lamb helped building rapture but.. When her strong beliefs are in such a stark contrast to Andrew Ryans.. Why on earth would she do that?!?! She just doesn’t make to much sense.
      And when you play as a silent protagonist, which you do, it’s important it’s the world around you whom has character and keeps the plot going, but here it falls flat… it tries.. but it just falls flat.

      • You know, I only recently got why Rapture is called Rapture. It’s because Atlas Shrugged (which Bioshock deconstructs) is the Objectivist equivalent of Christian rapture fiction like Left Behind. The faithful, led by a christ-figure, flee the terrible, oppressive world for a paradise, causing it to collapse without them. Later they return, at which point everyone regrets being such meanies to them and gives them everything they want.

      • Jonathan Campbell

        From what I’ve read she didn’t help build Rapture; she was just invited there because she was an intelligent, successful and therefore “better” person than the average “parasite”.
        Ryan just didn’t realize she was a Commie (though…that’s simplifying her views a bit; from what I gather she’s definitely not Marxist or anything like that- think the game describes her as some sort of extreme altruist). Or, he DID realize, but thought that he could change her mind once she saw how much “rationally” better his way of doing things was.

        So Ryan invited every successful intelligent person he had heard of to live in his secret underwater city maybe or not forgetting to explain that this is going to be run along Objectivist lines, or maybe just thinking that any of them who aren’t Objectivists could be converted once it becomes obvious that Rapture works because of Objectivism. Which it doesn’t because Objectivism is crazy, but Ryan himself is crazy so he doesn’t see that.

        As to why Lamb would help at all…its because she also wanted a city where she could build her ideological utopia. The fact that Ryan turned out to have the completely opposite viewpoint didn’t really matter because she could just convert people to her cause and either win him over or have him removed once she became popular enough. She stuck around in Rapture because she wanted it for herself.

        I wouldn’t say you can’t make sense of her or why she would be in Rapture…but I would say it sounds like laziness, or that not as much thought was put into Lamb as was Ryan. Seems like they just wanted to turn this into a franchise but decided to start with a spin-off / cash-in rather than a stand-alone game (which to be honest makes sense- Bioshock: Infinite took YEARS to come out, so they wanted something to fill in the gap), and maybe they thought they could just tie up any loose ends like the Little Sisters by explaining them and giving them a backstory. Lamb is the villain BECAUSE she is Ryan’s ideological opposite, which amongst other things makes her an easy(-ish) villain to create: she is just the anti-Ryan, so they don’t need to put as much work into her.

        I would also say that while Andrew Ryan is clearly based off of Ayn Rand and is clearly channelling Objectivism even though he doesn’t actually refer to that philosophy by name, Sofia Lamb- to the best of my knowledge- doesn’t have any real-world equivalent. She is not a Marxist, she is not a Christian, she is more like a strawman: she is the type of altruist boogeyman Ayn Rand villainized, someone who enslave or kill us all in the name of helping people. So her ideology is more shallow because whilst Ryan’s might be bonkers, at least it is based on something that actually exists.

        This even extends to her name: Ayn Rand was the type of person was saw the bulk of humanity as “lambs” or “sheep”; Sofia comes from the Greek Sophia which means “wisdom”, so “Sofia Lamb” means “wise lamb”- she is the intelligent “sheeple”, the average person who while undoubtedly SMARTER than the average person is nevertheless just as weak and meek at heart (as Ayn Rand would have seen it) and so has the weak and flawed morality of the masses whilst the brains of the elite, and comes up with something warped as a result. She is a caricature of an altruist, which is why she is a weaker villain than Andrew Ryan, who is actually based off of a real person.

  • Moppet

    I rather enjoyed the first Bioshock, although like some its choice wasn’t a choice at all for me. I just saved them. That’s all there was too it. Many things are relative, but that’s the sort of thing I don’t even think of.

    The second one? Nnnnnnot so much. I couldn’t quite say why, but it didn’t click with me as the first time. I found myself forgetting details about 2 while still playing the game, and once I was done with it? I barely remember a thing about what happened over the course of it. It wasn’t until later I found out different people entirely made the second game, and suddenly it was quite clear why things didn’t seem to add up very well, or at all. Mind you, as you said, not a bad game, mechanically it’s pretty much the same thing, but the story and characters? The story and characters not being memorable are probably why I mostly just ignore the existence of the second game.

    On the other hand, the people behind the first game did go on to make another game. Some consider it infinitely better than the second game, for that reason alone, but I’ll leave my opinion on that up in the air for now.

    The video you did on the first one was quite fun, and this one is too. Thanks for both of them. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

  • Gallen_Dugall

    Honestly I decided to pass on 2 when they added multiplayer. My experience is that the addition of multiplayer elements ruins the single player game for a number of reasons. Mostly because what is balanced in one game mode is not balanced for the other, but also because it divides design focus resulting in a watered down single player experience.
    Take-Two is an interesting company that is primarily a publisher, they do a massive amount of porting work, and they also manage to do the occasional original work. Looking at the list of games they’ve been involved in brings to mind the words “consistently adequate”.

    • If I remember right the single and multiplayer elements were developed by different studios (like with Spec-Ops: The Line). You didn’t miss much by passing this one by though.

  • Skylar Zenas Mullins

    you don’t need to feel that bad just because having to say bioshock made you mix up and say bioware. trust me it’s not that big of a deal. a small name snafu doesn’t make you a bad person. though the internet being what it is you will find people who will try to make it out like you are the worst person in the world because you said who instead of whom but those people are petty trolls who are best ignored.

    actually you can play infinite without playing either of the previous games. it’s really rather self contained.
    I rather like comstock as a villain, at least I do now after learning more about what ryan. I remember hearing so many people heap praise on this guy as a villain even Yahtzee said he was articulate and intelligent. A) not intelligent enough to actually build any of the technology that gives him his edge. so if it wasn’t for the scientist he hired he would basically not even be a villain in the first place. to hear people tell it you would think ryan is like Lex Luther except Luther is actually a super genius and capable of designing and building incredible technology. lex is so smart brainiac needed him to rebuild his body in the animated series and brainiac is a super advanced alien mega computer. ryan is just some rich guy who thinks he’s sooo great but who couldn’t operate his own A/C without tech support. I mean since ryan doesn’t actually know how any of his own stuff actually works at a technical level he could be foiled by some mission critical piece of equipment going down (a very plausible scenario considering the city is falling apart at the seams) and being unable to fix it. not like maintenance is still around to help. and B) his big plan is to kill himself by sending out a signal to trigger a mentally conditioned sleeper agent to crash his plane at just the right spot so he’s within swimming distance of the entrance, survive said crash, then fight through an army of mutants monsters and machines, all of which could kill him before he can get to ryan thus foiling his plan by the way. all so he can go out in the most dignified of way; being beaten to death with a golf club. holy unnecessarily round about route batman, and I thought xehanort’s plan was convoluted. couldn’t he just shoot himself? even if he can’t bring himself to do that he could just grab some weapons walk out into the city and just go out fighting. it would be the more dignified way to go if your ego is too big to allow for suicide. or you know he could just brainwash the nearest loony into doing it which would be much easier and less likely to fail. you can’t tell me the plan he wen’t with is the most efficient option available. also seems rather odd that a person who’s entire philosophy and state of being is devoted almost religiously to the tenant “F you got mine” would chose to kill him self rather then try and escape.

    comstock may seem two dimensional but he is a person who is ruled by regret, sorrow, and fear for his immortal soul. he turned to his current path as a prophet as a way to justify and alleviate his guilt at the terrible things he has done. “no I’m no murderer those people are nothing more then animals what I did was no worse then pest control. better yet they were soulless heitherns who are in league with satan and deserve what they got. god cannot condemn me for that, I was doing his will. yes I am his chosen servant.” he’s somewhat similar to Frolo from hunchback of notra dame. (I’m using the Disney version) a monster who’s fear of divine punishment for his evil deeds only drives him deeper into delusion and madness. he’s a pitiable fool but the same thing that makes him so pathetic as a person makes him dangerous as an adversary because he is beyond reason or logic and will do whatever it takes to achieve his increasingly mad and twisted vision. kinda reminds me of the villain from gun x sword a little.

    though none of the bioshock villains come close to being as awesome and scary as SHODAN. she is a machine intelligence so advanced it achieved sentience and then came to believe she was a goddess. seriously that A.I. is like GLaDOS but way more evil. I’ll let you process that statement for a second. though I always thought it was odd how she see’s organic life as inferior but self associate as a female. she refers to her self using feminine terms and always calls herself a goddess never using the male term god. she even refers to her creations as children. perhaps since she sees herself as a creator and females are associated with creating life she sees being considered female more befitting her “divinity” and superiority as an entity.