BINGE OR NO? The Prequel to Wet Hot American Summer (Because 40-Somethings Playing Teenagers is Never Not Funny)

run toward

Once upon the distant past that was 2001, two guys named David Wain and Michael Showalter wrote and produced a movie called Wet Hot American Summer about a summer camp in Maine back in the early 80s.

the first

The movie starred everybody and their mother . . . No, I’m serious. I’m pretty sure my mother was in this movie.


Though Wet Hot American Summer ended up being a bit of a box office bomb, the film developed cult status in the years following its premiere. This was partly due to the fact that everyone who originally starred in it had become so friggin famous, and partly due to the fact that it was the best movie to ever feature a talking can of vegetables in one of its lead roles.


Also because of all that 80s sports sock porn . . . obviously . . .

lots of socks

So, naturally, Wain and Showalter wanted to cash in on their cash cow . . . except it took them fifteen years to do so, and in that time, some of the cast got kind of old.

middle fing

“Let’s do a camp reunion movie. It could take place in the mid-nineties, with all the counselors in their late 20s. That could work,” suggests Wain.

“Nah, it’s been done before . . . Hey, I’ve got it! We could do a prequel and call it First Day of Camp. It could be a television series with nine episodes that everyone could binge watch on Netflix. We’ll get the whole cast back, and throw in random cameos of a whole bunch of other famous people,” responds Showalter excitedly.



“Yeah, but a prequel taking place on the First Day of Camp would mean that the cast is actually supposed to be two months younger than they were at the start of the movie . . . not 15 years older,” worries Wain.

“So? Paul Rudd hasn’t aged a day since the original movie aired!” Showalter argues.

im late

“That’s true,” muses Wain.

“And neither has Elizabeth Banks. If anything, she looks even hotter than she did back then,” adds Showalter.

pass for pass for 2 ill be

“You’re right!” Wain responds with growing enthusiasm.

“And I still look the same,” Showalter continues.


old coop

At which point Wain, scratches the back of his neck and starts to clear his throat uncomfortably . . .

And so Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp was born, a television series that offers everything you want in a summer series. There’s romance . . .

wet hot makeout


heartbreak . . .

dont like

break up

. . . musical interludes . . .

the dncin

. . . action adventure . . .

fight scenr

. . . mysteries . . . that get solved in under five minutes . . .

dj ski mask

. . . legal drama . . .

johnny piss pot

. . . and Jon Hamm in a Weird Al Yankovic robot suit . . .

weird al

But, most importantly, there are jokes about being old . . .

boys go

oh no

sure you can't tell

. . . lots . . .

new director rejuvenate so much so 15 yr

. . . and lots . . .

so good to see oh ew

. . . of jokes about being old.

So, in the end, Showalter’s and Wain’s instincts were spot-on! Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp was a rousing success. Critics loved it. Fans adored it. And Christopher Meloni humped a fridge in honor of it . . .

And you know what that means, don’t you? Yup, you guessed it. More prequels . . . lots and lots more prequels.

Already in the works . . . a Game of Thrones Prequel in which baby Arya Stark says her first words, and learns to walk, alongside little brother Bran . . .

meg and shia

Plus, Cersei and Jamie Lannister become the most popular teenagers in Westeros . . .


Also coming to small screens near you, Girls, the Prequel. See what Hannah and her friends were like in Elementary school, including everybody’s favorite, the energetic Shoshanah!


Why stop there? There are tons of old sitcoms from the 50s and 60s that are just begging for prequels. Like, The Honeymooners, for instance!


Too soon?

Really, the possibilities are endless. So what are you waiting for. Don’t let the first in what will undoubtedly be an incredibly long line of ridiculously age-inappropriate prequels pass you by! Watch Wet Hot Summer: First Day of Camp today!

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