Bill Cosby Pal Does Not See Why Bill Cosby’s 14 Rape Allegations Would Preclude A New NBC Show, No Big Deal

fat albertFun story! If the allegations from, let’s see, carry the 1, FOURTEEN WOMEN are true, beloved entertainer Bill Cosby is a pig serial rapist. Like, the rape-rape kind. Like, over decades. Bill Cosby also has a show in development at NBC. Is this a problem? Of course this is not a problem.

Who doesn’t want to watch a “patriarch of a multigenerational family, [and] his take on marriage and parenting” when 14 women have accused him of drugging and raping them repeatedly? Father knows best!


Recently, Gawker reminded us all of the old allegations that Bill Cosby loves to put a special ingredient in women’s drinks, after which the women wake up vomiting all over themselves, which is definitely the most fun way to have sex with someone. Like, who doesn’t love putting their penis in corpses covered in puke? Nobody doesn’t love that, that is who! Newsweek advanced the story, interviewing two of the women who have stated that Bill Cosby is a pig rapist.

Now, Kate Aurthur at Buzzfeed has spoken to “sources” at NBC who say that Bill Cosby’s show there is in the embryonic stages of development, hell, there’s not even a writer attached, all this speculation is sooo premature — and a source “close to Cosby” who does not even see what the big deal is at all, come on you guys!

The Cosby source also said the interest in the comedian’s past is solely because of Farrow and Allen. “These cases came and were adjudicated at the time, and then they went away. We never hear anything about any of them.

“You had the Gawker thing. And now there’s a gal at Newsweek that’s frisky, looking at some of these things,” the source continued. “I can’t see that that has anything to do with him going back to television.”

Were they? Were they “adjudicated at the time”? Well, yes, if you count Bill Cosby settling a lawsuit with one of the women he allegedly knocked unconscious before attacking. Yes indeed!

And you know, we can’t see that that has anything to do with him going back to television either. Why would people shy away from watching America’s Dad after they’ve been reminded that fourteen different women say he drugged and raped them so many times?

We would like to take a moment to talk about intent and rape. We, as a woman who has lived almost 41 years on this planet, do not actually think every rapist is an evil monster. We actually believe there are times when communication is truly crossed, and when some dumb fucking schmuck actually believes a little force is wanted, or is a good person most of the time who did a bad shitty terrible thing when his testosterone went temporary insanity — especially with kids whose brains haven’t finished developing yet. (Of course this doesn’t mean we don’t believe in hard time in the penal system, as both punishment and deterrent; just not that every rapist needs to be castrated and then fed to Kim Jong Un’s mythological feral pigs.)

The amount of premeditation, the criminal, malice-aforethought intent, needed to ALLEGEDLY poison over a dozen women, over decades, has us almost wordless with disgust.

If the allegations are true, Bill Cosby is a pig rapist. We doubt very many people want to see a pig rapist clowning around in their living rooms, no matter how much NBC needs to shore up its Thursday nights.


UPDATE 10/24/14: Comedian shines spotlight on Bill Cosby rape allegations in standup routine


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