RAW FEED: Bikes are bestest and most beautiful

No really, they are. And so are German cycle lanes.

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  • Magdalen

    Yay! I’m happy Germany is treating you well so far. ūüôā

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Again, welcome to Germany, it’s so great, that you like our country – and yes, lower saxony is great, in especially the little villages around the north sea (from Emden to the Jade Bay).
    Just one quick tip: Whenever you have the opportunity to go to Emden, visit the “Otto Huus” – which is a museum for german comedian Otto Waalkes – or if you’re just in the mood to see cuddly seals (no, not the navy seal type, I sincerely doubt, that they would like to be called ‘cuddly’), go to the “Seehundaufzuchtsstation” (seal breeding station) in Norddeich. Might be a three hour trip (depending on where exactly you live) but it’s definitely worth it.

    And now something concerning riding bikes.
    While I’m typing these, I see outside, people riding their bikes normally, but there will be persons, who are saying, that in order to drive your bike, you’ll need a helmet.
    Not kidding.
    And it makes kinda sense, you know – because, if you think about how crazy some car drivers would be here in Germany – you definitely would want a helmet.

    Also: did you hear about some german cinemas showing “Doctor Who – Deep Breath”?

  • Muthsarah

    Sounds like heaven. For me, paradise (/Elysium) has no cars. Just pedestrians, bikes, and the occasional boat or bus. No revving engines, or $#!++y mufflers. No traffic signals. Hell, no power lines whatsoever, they look ugly. Basically….1880s urbania, but with modern medicine and social values. But bikes are a part of that. As the new thing. Fashionable, like cars are today. No horses. Keep them on the farm.

    What am I talking about? Well, I dunno. But a higher bike:car ratio is an absolute goodness. If you’re amendable, more pics of your new digs, maybe? I’d love to see what the street-level view of your town looks like. Lotsa trees? Low traffic? Wide sidewalks and low traffic is….god….HEAVEN to me. I WANNA LIVE THERE!!!