It’s The Big #McConnelling Game: Join Jon Stewart For Hilarious Yertle Hijinks (Video)

It's The Big #McConnelling Game: Join Jon Stewart For Hilarious Yertle Hijinks (Video)Mitch McConnell’s Senate campaign released a weird new video this week, a wordless two minutes of ol’ Yertle with everyday Kentuckians. But the folks at The Daily Show discovered that the three opening shots — with the old reptile turning his head and smiling like some stygian swamp beast — make for some pretty awesome musical remixes. And so, a hashtag was born: #mcconnelling. And yes, people are already making with the videos.

Here’s Jon Stewart introducing the segment, a goofy remedy to the brilliant but ragey-and-make-you-rant-and-throw-things opening segment of Thursday night’s show:

It’s also a pretty canny little strategy to keep people talking during the next week, which TDS and The Colbert Report will be taking off. Needless to say, we’ll also be watching for fun remixes. We bet it would work pretty well with Muskrat Love…

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  • Dragoon21b

    Arrgh…My technological illiteracy is catching up with me!!! Someone do Stayin Alive!!!

  • Antonin Dvorak

    Republicans, best enjoyed when not speaking.

    • willi0000000

      don’t tell me you’re gagging on your Soylent Green™ again.

  • scariestdemocrat

    For McConnell – it’s the perfect ad… if he doesn’t say anything, he can’t piss of the radical rightwingnuts or the centrist gop kooks. perfect… and when he gets them in small groups, he can say what ever the fuck he wants and get away with it… like always.

  • $73376667

    No spoken words? It’s almost as if he’s trying to reach out to voters who don’t speak English…

  • valgalky23

    Theme from Shaft for the music.

  • Jaime Oria

    Rabbits shrieking in pain – as used during the Waco Branch Davidian standoff – seem an apropos soundtrack to this ad.

  • Jaime Oria

    Also – pretty clearly the current title-holder of The Yellow King.

  • Morsum me
  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.