Big Bang Theory dominates the official first night of the new fall season

big bang theory

Monday night’s primetime broadcast ratings!

1.   The Big Bang Theory blew up the competition with 18.2 million viewers at 8:30/7:30… which was astonishingly even higher than…

2.   The Big Bang Theory’s season premiere at 8/7, which earned 18.0 million.

3.   Scorpion’s series premiere benefitted hugely from its Big lead-in, holding on to 13.8 million.

4.   The Voice scored just shy of 13 million, narrowly edging out…


5.   Dancing With the Stars, which earned 12.8 million.

6.   The Blacklist makes the list with 12.3 million.

7.   And the series premiere of Forever follows with 8.6 million.

Normally this list stops at seven, but with all the fuss and hype over FOX’s Gotham, we’d be remiss not to point out its somewhat embarrassing 8th place finish of 8.2 million.

You may also be curious to know Under the Dome’s Season 2 finale scored 7.6 million, down from 9.4 million for this season’s premiere and from 12.9 million for Season 1’s finale. Ouch. (But tough competition from The Blacklist is partly to blame.) Will there be a Season 3? Reply hazy, try again later.

Also, Sleepy Hollow started its Season 2 with 5.5 million, down from 6.9 million for last season’s finale and from 10.1 million for the series debut.

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