The Best Olympics Clip You Will Ever See

The Best Olympics Clip You Will Ever See

Derek Redmond was running and then something bad happened and his dad helped him out. This is one of those fan-made sportsball videos with stupid inspirational music, but feel free to just turn the sound off and then play your own song, like something by Sarah McLachlan because this shit happened in 1992 so why not? Oh God, this is your EIC’s all-time favorite moment in sportsball, even better than anything Doug Flutie did. Sniff. Sniff. (Tears not cocaine, you guys, jeez.)

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  • savethispatient

    Oh god, stop it… Even reading about that video makes someone chop onions near me or something…

  • Spurning Beer

    I fail to see the relevance of this clip. Was Redmond from Behghazi?

  • kateb

    Oh my sky god with the crying, over here! I do not like you, new girl. You are mean and not nice with the tearjerky sportsballish video.