BBC One Gave Us All An Early Christmas Gift With This Sherlock Mini-Episode

In the best Christmas gift we could possibly hope for, because you know our moms are going to just buy us socks or a weird sweater that doesn’t fit, the BBC has blessed us all with a Sherlock mini-episode that looks to be the bridge between Sherlock’s death at the end of season two and his resurrection at the beginning of season three.


The trailer shows a series of closed cases scattered across the globe where the solutions are too astute to be anyone but pretty pretty Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock, and they’re showing up closer and closer to Merry Old England. Since you obviously know Sherlock is back for season 3, there’s no big reveal here, but it’s still delightful and it will still get that little bit of sweeping strings/harpsichord-sounding-thing music from the trailers stuck in your head. Let’s face it, if you like Sherlock like we like Sherlock, you’ll watch this thing approximately one million times before the 19th, just because it is a Cumberbatch crumb that has been thrown to you.

If the BBC really loved us, they’d give us ‘Mericans access to Sherlock on January 1, which is when it shows up on BBC One in the UK, but they’re probably still mad about the Revolutionary War or something, so we have to wait until January 19.

[The Mary Sue]

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