Baywatch “War of Nerves” (part 3 of 3)

Right on cue, Mitch gets a call from Garner, telling him he needs to come down to the station. He hears Sato is pressing charges, and Garner is suddenly taking action… against Mitch. Seriously, does Mitch owe Garner a ton of money, or what?

He leaves Hobie in the care of Kaye, and this brings us to the dramatic apple scene. With the fireplace lit, Kaye gets two apples from the fridge, and there’s tension spilling over, complete with atmospheric music.

Baywatch "War of Nerves" (part 3 of 3)

As Kaye slowly slices the apples, her eyes dart about the cottage at various noises. With each slice, she hears a dog bark, a branch scrape a window, and the fire crackling at 50db. The scene plays like something from Food Network: After Dark.

Baywatch "War of Nerves" (part 3 of 3)

She finishes the plate with some bits of cheese and turns, and then encounters Sato, holding a knife sans apple residue to Hobie’s neck. She drops the plate, so I guess all that buildup was for nothing.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

“Now remove all the seeds, or the boy gets cored.”

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Multi-Part Article: Baywatch "War of Nerves"

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