Baywatch “Mirror, Mirror” (part 4 of 4)

And now, dark waves crash against the shore. There’s a shot of Mitch’s feet as he gets dragged down a rickety wooden staircase. As it turns out, Mattie is bringing his unconscious body down into the basement of an abandoned beach house.

She throws him on a mattress and takes a pair of handcuffs out of her purse, and cuffs him to… something. It’s too dark to see. She then lays down next to him and promises to “take such good care” of him. She whispers, “We’re together now and no one is gonna bother us!” I honestly have no idea how Carrie-Anne Moss said all of these lines with a straight face.

Caption contributed by Albert

“Actually, right now you’re emoting better than Keanu.”

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Multi-Part Article: Baywatch "Mirror, Mirror"
TV Show: Baywatch

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  • nonameblue

    “The only thing different about the German release is that it shows the German title for Baywatch, which is Die Rettungsschwimmer Von Malibu, which roughly translates to “David Schwimmer owns a rockin’ beach house in Malibu”. What that has to do with lifeguards, I have no idea.”
    Actually, no. “Rettungsschwimmer” translates literally to “Rescue swimmer” – a swimmer who rescues people, or life-guard. “Von Malibu” means “of malibu” because that’s where the lifeguards in this series are supposedly based. So the title points to the lifeguards instead of the bay watching.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      So it’s “Baywatch – life guards of Malibu”. ^^ But I think, that the Dr. O’Boogie was trying to be funny. ^^ Okay, he FAILED – but he tried.

      • nonameblue

        I wasn’t sure if he was making a joke or using a bad (automated) Translation (e.g. Google), so just to be on the safe side, I pointed out the facts.