Batman & Robin (1997) (part 9 of 13)

We see the Bat Signal in the air as Batman and Robin show up at Freeze’s hideout to meet with Commissioner Gordon. Gordon shows them footage of Freeze’s escape from Arkham, and Robin sees that Poison Ivy was there. Gordon then shows them a goofy black and white photo of Ivy and Bane arriving on a plane from South America, showing an uncanny resemblance to Liz and Dick jetting in from Paris.

Gordon tells them all about the people Ivy’s killed, including a very late bit of exposition about a businessman she poisoned (offscreen) for the purpose of stealing his limo. Batman wonders why Freeze and Ivy would team up. “Well,” Robin offers, “She’s definitely evil!” That about sums it up, then. Thanks, Dick.

Batman and Robin then talk privately, both suddenly incredulous that they thought they were in love with her. Robin can’t believe that they were “fighting over a bad guy!” An annoyed Batman corrects him: “Bad, yes. Guy, no!” I mean, we gotta make that clear, right, boys?

The two then agree that they’re over her. “Great stems, though,” Batman says. Robin adds, “Buds, too.” The only stems and buds involved here are the ones in Akiva Goldsman’s bong when he wrote this crap.

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Multi-Part Article: Batman & Robin (1997)

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