Batman & Robin (1997) (part 5 of 13)

Cut to daylight on the streets of Gotham City, where a red limo rolls into view. A radio report in the background informs us that Bruce Wayne is about to make an appearance at the Gotham Observatory to announce “another legendary contribution to the city!” We then cut to the back seat of the limo and find Pamela Isley slipping on a short brown wig to get back into Plain Chick mode. She tells her chauffeur, who turns out to be Bane, to head to the observatory and “step on it!” Bane growls, “Steppp.” I do believe that he’s a member of this movie’s target audience.

We next see Gotham Observatory, and continuing the tradition of impossible architecture we’ve come to expect from Batman movies, the observatory is actually being held up in the hands of a giant statue [!]. Inside, Bruce is announcing to a group of reporters the donation of a new advanced telescope to the observatory.

He recites a lame story about his father once telling him to follow his own star, blah blah blah, and standing at his side (for not much purpose other than set dressing) is Elle Macpherson in the role of Julie Madison. “With any luck,” Bruce says, “This telescope will give future generations a chance to follow their own stars!” And with any luck, this telescope will give a would-be screenwriter a chance to make up his own deus ex machina.

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Multi-Part Article: Batman & Robin (1997)

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