Batman & Robin (1997) (part 13 of 13)

We see Batman and the scientists on the telescope in the middle of their ten-hour plunge. Batman fires off a Mega Platinum Super-Duper Bat Rope™ and tells the scientists to grab his belt. And then he tells them to pull his finger.

The Mega Platinum Super-Duper Bat Rope™ connects with something and Batman pulls them off just moments before the telescope hits the ground and goes up in a giant ball of flame [?]. Please don’t ask me what could be inside of a telescope that would cause it to be this combustible.

Batman sets the scientists down on a ledge, then pulls himself back up towards the observatory. They call out, “Thank you, Batman!” as he flies away. Yeah, thanks for just leaving us on the damn telescope while you were aiming it. Batman swoops past Robin and Batgirl and says, “Need a ride?” They both grab onto him, and despite Batgirl’s weight, Batman pulls all three of them back up to the observatory.

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Multi-Part Article: Batman & Robin (1997)
Tag: The Batman Films

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  • mamba

    Pamela Isly emits pheromones that make all men gaga over her, whether they want to or not.

    So it doesn’t matter HOW Uma acts or looks, men are compelled to be gaga over her. So any jokes around that don’t mean much as they are literally drugged to love her. Given that, I think Uma took it as carte blanche to act however she wanted…she wasn’t TRYING to be sexy. She succeeded.

    And Pamela was ALWAYS a facist eco-warrior who loves plants more than humans. It’s her thing, not a 90’s thing. That’s why she kills people so casually…the same way we kill plants so casually.