Batman & Robin (1997) (part 12 of 13)

We cut to the Gotham Observatory, now completely frozen over. Freeze “hilariously” says, “Let’s kick some ICE!” and begins manipulating what looks like a Microsoft Sidewinder joystick. He uses it to aim the telescope-cum-Giant Ice Cannon at the nearest skyscraper and blast away, freezing it solid.

He then starts to sweep the Cannon around the city and freeze everything in sight, including a train on its tracks, everyone on the street, and even an obnoxiously product-placed Taco Bell. Strangely enough, this makes the food they serve there a little warmer. For no reason, we then get a close-up shot of some guy frozen in a phone booth. A phone booth? When was the last time you saw one of these? Even the original Superman mocked the idea, and that was back in 1978.

Then we see a bulldog about to take a leak on a fire hydrant, when suddenly a blue light flashes and the dog gets literally frozen in midstream. Um, this is supposed to be funny, right? Then we see police cars speeding through the streets of Gotham, and up in the observatory, Freeze spots them approaching through his extraordinarily powerful magnifying lens which allows him to see individual cars on the street from 900 feet up.

Caption contributed by Albert

Where was Schumacher going with this?

He blasts away, freezing the police. Now, a few seconds ago, we saw the Ice Cannon literally stop a train in its tracks, but this time the cop cars continue to slide forward until they crash through a miscellaneous store front. This causes the store to instantly explode into flames [??]. Freeze is delighted by this and continues blasting away.

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Multi-Part Article: Batman & Robin (1997)

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