VIDEO: Batman Returns (1992)

Join Mr. Mendo and special guest Sofie Liv of Red Suitcase Adventures as they take on Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, starring Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, Danny DeVito as the Penguin, Christopher Walken as Gotham City department store mogul Max Shreck, and Michael Keaton as Batman!

The two Joel Schumacher-directed Batman films have been thoroughly dissected on this website, but is it possible that Tim Burton’s entries in the franchise were just as silly and nonsensical? Mendo and Sofie find out!

Special thanks to Nycea for providing artwork, and the Cheap-Arse Film Critic for providing his voice!

VIDEO: Batman Returns (1992)Sofie and Michael are wearing red ribbons as part of a month-long project by internet video reviewers to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS issues. Please visit Red Ribbon Reviewers and the official World AIDS Day website for more information!


Tag: The Batman Films

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