Batman Forever (1995) (part 9 of 14)

Back in Ed’s apartment, our bespectacled friend is spending some quality time using (I presume) Microsoft Supervillain Costume Designer™. He goes through several potential themes, which he runs by his friend, the inanimate fiberglass mannequin sitting in a fortune telling machine.

All the potential costumes suck, until he comes up with a design in which his modesty is protected only by a green sandwich board adorned with a question mark. The fortune telling mannequin shows its approval by pointing to a green light bulb also adorned with a question mark, which is pretty much the mannequin’s answer to everything. Ed seems happy about this, and starts typing excitedly.

And now we’re in Two Face’s HQ, and this guy is nothing if not thematic. His entire living quarters is split into two halves, each of which is supposed to represent one of his split personalities. Although, I can’t see any building blocks, Barbie dolls, or Cabbage Patch dolls on either side, which is strange, since the predominant aspect of both of his personalities is that he’s a great big, whiny, temper-tantrum-throwing girl.

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Dan Laurikietis

Dan is an actor, playwright, theatre director and writer of dubious literature. In order to feed his many substance dependencies, he also teaches high school drama. He lives in Northwest England with his fiance Lauren and his dog Molly. In his spare time Dan likes to squander his cash on books with pictures in them, DVDs and video games. He wishes he was more bohemian.

Multi-Part Article: Batman Forever (1995)

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