Batman Forever (1995) (part 7 of 14)

Cut to the next day outside City Hall, and I’ll be damned if Gotham doesn’t look like an actual city in the daytime. Bruce Wayne pulls up in his… I have no idea what it is, but it’s what I imagine people would call a nice car. Old Brucie commits a shameless parking violation and heads on into an adjacent building. And that wacky Schumacher, he’s at it again with the dutching.

Bruce goes to a reception desk and asks for directions to Chase’s office, and the camera is tilted at an absurd 35-degree angle. Cut to him walking down a corridor, and we’re treated to another shot at the exact same angle. Either there was a broken rig attached to the camera, or Joel Schumacher just didn’t consider day lit corridors exxxxxxtreme enough for mid-’90s youth.

Suddenly, Bruce hears thumping sounds accompanied by distinctly female grunts and groans. Presuming that Dr. Chase is getting a bit freaky on her lunch break (she certainly seems the type), Bruce decides he wants in on the action, and proceeds to break down her door.

Seriously, the door breaks right off the hinges. If it’s that easy to batter down a door, I’m Ernie Hudson.

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Dan Laurikietis

Dan is an actor, playwright, theatre director and writer of dubious literature. In order to feed his many substance dependencies, he also teaches high school drama. He lives in Northwest England with his fiance Lauren and his dog Molly. In his spare time Dan likes to squander his cash on books with pictures in them, DVDs and video games. He wishes he was more bohemian.

Multi-Part Article: Batman Forever (1995)

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