Batman Forever (1995) (part 5 of 14)

Cut to Bruce’s office, and guess what he has flanking the door? That’s right, statues with muscular torsos! Also, it turns out that pretty much everything he has is voice activated. For example, his doors lock at the word “lock”, and when he says the word “chair”, the chair he’s in tips down, and a trapdoor opens at his feet.

You know, I hope Bruce is never faced with a situation where he has to use the word “chair” in his office with other people present. That might raise too many questions. It’s pretty much unavoidable too, given he’s the chairman of Wayne Enterprises.

The trapdoor leads into a tunnel, which Bruce speeds through in a strange sort of metal sarcophagus. Eventually, he arrives in the Batcave.

How did Bruce manage to build this network of tunnels between his place of work and his secret crimefighting headquarters without attracting any attention at all? Did he go all Andy Dufresne on it, and spend twenty years digging with a spoon during his lunch breaks?

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Dan Laurikietis

Dan is an actor, playwright, theatre director and writer of dubious literature. In order to feed his many substance dependencies, he also teaches high school drama. He lives in Northwest England with his fiance Lauren and his dog Molly. In his spare time Dan likes to squander his cash on books with pictures in them, DVDs and video games. He wishes he was more bohemian.

Multi-Part Article: Batman Forever (1995)

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